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5 Things You Need To Teach Kids About Money

Money is a touchy subject.  No one seems to have enough, everything costs a fortune, and general cost of living is crazy these days.  I’ve got two kids that I’m hoping to teach some good lessons when it comes to money.  It’s hard though.  Especially when they are younger – how much is too much or not enough?  But it’s too important to skip.  Start with these 5 things to teach kids about money to get them off on the right foot!

Low Carb Dinner Ideas You'll Love - Simple ideas you can use each week that are delicious and low in carbs #createandfind #lowcarbdinners #healthyeating

Easy Low Carb Dinner Ideas – Simple and Healthy Meals

If I don’t take the time to sit down and make a meal plan for the week –  two things happen.  We eat out too much – spending money we shouldn’t on restaurant food, and I don’t eat as healthy as I’d like.  Meal plans save money whether you’re cooking for one or six and you are more likely to make better choices when you plan ahead.  I’ve been attempting to cut down on carbs so this week I’ve got some easy low carb dinner ideas for you!

Getting Fit at 40

Getting Fit at 40 – 5 Habits to Help You Succeed

Ah, 40.  I remember thinking when I was a kid that 40 was practically a dinosaur.  I have very young parents (as in mom was 21 when I was born) so they were always the young parents.  And I remember seeing other parents in their 40s and thinking, wow, that’s pretty old!  And then I turned 40.  All that thinking changed.  I’m not a dinosaur for sure.  I waited until my 30s to have kids and I feel like I have a lot of life left in this old bod.  I decided getting fit at 40 was going to be my new goal.

Mom Guilt – What My Kids are Teaching Me

Parenting.  It’s a job that doesn’t come with an employee handbook, pay, sick leave, or rules.  My kids think it’s funny when I tell them that parenting is the most important job I’ll ever have.  They don’t see it as a job.  Not only is it the most important, but also the best.  So how is it that the people I’m supposed to be teaching end up teaching me?  Read on for lessons I’m learning about “Mom Guilt”.

Keto Diet Grocery List – One Week of Meals

So you’ve decided to go “Keto”.  Good for you for making a lifestyle change and helping your body!  There are so many recipes and endless food lists of what to eat and what not to eat.  I’ve found if it’s too complicated, I won’t stick to it.  I’m a busy working mom and I need simplicity in some areas.  What do you buy when you go shopping while on keto?  Here’s a simple weekly keto diet grocery list to get you started that will feed you and the whole family! …

5 Foods to Avoid on a Keto Diet

Keto diet, ketogenic diet, keto weight loss – these are all popular terms for a highly effective weight loss strategy.  More importantly, keto is a lifestyle change.  It may not be easy at first, depending on what you’re used to, but it works.  I know when I first started researching keto diets, it was a bit overwhelming.  And often when we get overwhelmed, we shut down or quit.  So, to make things simpler, I’ve got a list of foods to avoid on a keto diet.  

Keto Food List – What Can You Eat?

The Keto Diet is crazy popular right now and for good reason.  One, it works.  Two, once you get established and know what to eat, it’s relatively simple.  Honestly.  No elaborate meal prep necessary if you choose not to, and you’ll be giving your body what it needs and wants.  In return, you’ll feel better, have more energy, and lose weight.  So what’s on the keto food list?   …

DIY Miranda Sings Costume

Halloween is one of my faves.  Seriously – dressing up, pretending, Reese’s, and yeah, fun for the kids too.  My kids love Halloween as much as I do and every year we have a blast deciding on costumes.  But costumes get expensive.  And if I can DIY a costume and save some cash, that’s more money to spend on Reese’s.  This one is one of the funniest we’ve made for my daughter.  A DIY Miranda Sings Costume!

What is a Keto Diet?

If you’re into health and fitness or even just curious about dropping a few pounds, you’ve likely heard the term “Keto Diet”. But what exactly is a keto diet?  Check out this post for information to help you decide if it’s right for you.

I’ll be honest – I’m all about moderation of everything.  I don’t rule out any particular food group.  One, because I like food and two because I’m kind of a lazy dieter.  I don’t really subscribe to “diets”.  I like lifestyle changes instead.  However, I work out regularly and eat decently, but, I’m kind of at a plateau.  So I figured I could use a change-up of sorts.  Which brings me to answer the question “what is a keto diet?”

Organizing School Papers – How To Control The Chaos

School starts early here for us which means loads and loads of school work, art projects, forms, pics, and more that need to stay organized.  I started a system for organizing school papers a few years ago and it’s a game-changer.   Don’t let it pile up all year and drive you nuts with papers everywhere.  You’ll be able to sort through quickly and keep the special memories in order.

Keto Snacks

Keto Diet Snacks – What To Eat

Keto diets are all the rage right now.  Several reasons account for the popularity including success.  No one wants to slog away at a diet or lifestyle change and not see results.  If you’re committed to changing up your eating habits and making progress, keto is a great choice to get started!  But what happens when you get hungry in between meals?  You need some keto diet snacks to keep you full and satisfied so you don’t reach for the candy bars and fries.   …

DIY Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse decor is everywhere right now thanks to the lovely peeps at “Fixer Upper”.  And it doesn’t take much to start adding some of this hot trend to your own house.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to get some old school charm and you don’t have to have mad DIY skills.  Check out these amazing DIY Farmhouse Decor ideas to get started!