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Bathroom Organization Ideas

Bathroom Organization Ideas

I’m on the final weeks of my 8 Week Declutter Challenge and this week is about bathroom organization.  Here’s what I learned when cleaning out my bathroom cabinets:  Apparently I’m a product hoarder and a travel bag hoarder.  And I don’t even travel that much and I use the same stuff pretty much daily.  Clearly, not very adventurous.  So why did I have all that junk?  Because it’s easy to just toss stuff in drawers or cabinets and forget about it.  But I cleaned it all out and ended up with some much-needed free space!  I’ve got some organizing ideas and 10 things you’ve got to toss out of the bathroom!

Our bathroom happens to be really large.  It’s great because we have only have one closet upstairs other than bedroom closets.  There’s no linen closet near our bedroom or bathroom, so what would normally get shoved in a linen closet gets stuffed in our bathroom.  The decluttering is easy since we’ve got the space in our bathroom, but not that long ago in our previous house, we had a teeny tiny bathroom.  So I know what it’s like to try to fit all your stuff in a small space.

bathroom organization ideas

So first things first – take all the junk out.  I started this way and ended up with four grocery bags full of trash.  And I’m all about repurposing and donating, but 3-year-old makeup and dirty travel bags go in the trash.

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10 things to get rid of in your bathroom

  • Old makeup – that free sample from 3 years ago that has the purple shadow you’ll never wear – toss it.  The foundation that was “guaranteed to match perfectly” that makes you look like you still use a tanning bed – toss it.  Don’t donate old makeup.  It’s not wise to share makeup with others.  Here’s a gross fun fact.  I had red lipstick I bought for Halloween about 10 years ago.  Not cool.
  • Shampoo/conditioner that you hate.  You know the one.  The one you bought thinking it would make your hair look like a supermodel.  And ended up making you look like an oily mess.  Gone
  • Hair products you never use.  I had four bottles of dry shampoo.  Clearly I’m trying to figure out a way to not have to wash my hair every day and it’s just not happening.
  • Travel bags you don’t need.  I get one when I order makeup sometimes and I had accumulated quite a collection and some go back at least 15 years.  They were dirty and I never used them.
  • Old nail polish.  Attempting to give yourself a manicure and paint job with old polish just sucks.  Old bottles or a color you don’t like – toss it.
  • Expired medications.  Find a drug take back program in your area and take them there.
  • Old lotions and potions that you don’t use.  I had a bottle of some dry skin lotion that expired in 2012.  2012!
  • Old hair styling tools you don’t use – donate them if they still work, trash them if they don’t.
  • Towels you don’t use – maybe you moved and downsized and brought enough towels for an army to the new place.  You don’t need all those.  Are they scratchy or do they have holes in them?  Gone.  I use old towels for cleaning.  The ones I purged a few years ago got donated to the animal shelter.  Call your local shelter and see if they can use them first though.  We have 4 bath towels and 8 hand towels that we use.  That’s it.  The kids have a set of their own and since we don’t have a linen closet, this makes storage so much easier.
  • Free samples – this includes all those “extras” they throw in from the makeup counter, online purchases, or wherever.  I always have good intentions of trying out all those new scents or face scrubs.  But if it’s been 6 months and I still haven’t used it, clearly I’m not going to.

bathroom organization

bathroom organization ideas

Bathroom Organization Ideas

My favorite things for getting a space organized are baskets and trays.  I use a large wicker basket on the counter to hold my hair styling tools and my brush.  I don’t have to wrangle the cords or get them to hang neatly.  Just toss them in the basket and done.  I keep a tray on the counter also to hold glass containers that keep my q-tips and cotton balls handy.  I have a vintage trinket dish from my mother in law that hold ponytail holders. And I found a locking lid jar to store my epsom salts (how old does that make me sound??). It’s much nicer than the bag sitting on the side of the tub. And if you’ve never taken an epsom salt bath, try it next time you have sore muscles. Game changer!

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Hopefully this inspires you to start getting rid of your 10-year-old Halloween makeup too and gave you some good bathroom organization ideas!  Happy decluttering!