Blog Names – How to Choose the Right One

You want to start a blog.   You’re scouring Pinterest like a fiend and doing your homework on how to get started.  That’s awesome.  But you need a name.  A good one.  Something you won’t be embarrassed or regretful about in a year.  Blog names can be tricky.  So many are already taken.  The perfect one you’ve had your eye on for a while is only available on one social media platform.  Here’s a few things to keep in mind and some helpful tools for blog names.

Blog Names – How to Choose the Right One

It’s a difficult step in starting your blog.  You want to get it right.  You want it to reflect you and the personality that your blog will have.

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What’s your blog about?  Do you want it to reflect that?  Do you want people to know what they’re getting into when they click over to your site?  A perfect example is my dear friend Marly from A Brick Home. I bet you can guess what her blog is about.  Home and DIY,  but she also focuses on blogging. However, from the name she chose,  you pretty much know what you’ll get.   If I had a blog named “hamburgers rule” and it is all about growing plants, that’s just odd.  No one will know what they’re getting into.  They will be searching for the most amazing hamburgers and will land on your site about growing the perfect aloe plant.  They’ll be confused, feel scammed and they’ll leave.


Do you have a sentimental name that would be a good blog name?  I chose Brown Dog Vintage for my home and DIY blog for sentimental reasons.  I love vintage style (in addition to many others) and I love my brown dog Charlie.  And I had a booth in a vintage store with my BFF  for a period of time and we called it Brown Dog Vintage.  So it worked for me.   BUT.  And I’ll tell you the honest truth.  I kind of wish I’d left off the vintage part and found some sort of variation of Brown Dog.  The word “vintage” pigeon holes me.

Which is why you’re reading this blog.  Instead of scrapping it or rebranding, I decided to start a second blog.  One of my favorite examples of a sentimental name is Wendy from At Lane and High.  She chose that name based on sentimental reasons – it’s the main intersection at Ohio State University (which is near and dear to her Buckeye heart).  Streets, fond memories –   A home.  Her blog is focused on home decor and DIY.  It’s a match.  Of course, you may totally decide to go off the wall and pick something you love.  Just make sure you love it.  There are plenty of blogs that are very successful that have names like that.


This might be the most important.  When choosing blog names think of these two things:  1.  Is it easy to say?  2.  Is it easy to spell?  You don’t want to constantly correct people or try and make them understand the pronunciation.  Hyphens and underscores and weird spellings = people won’t remember how to get to your site.  And the main reason for starting a blog for actual profit is getting people to your site.  If it’s too complicated, it’ll be a pain in the ass to try and explain.


Is it available?  This is arguably the most important factor in choosing blog names.  If the blog name itself is available, but none of the social media handles that go along with it are, then you should probably keep looking.  I’m not saying it has to be available on all social media platforms, but you’d like to have a consistent brand across the ones you actually use for your blog.  Namevine is the easiest way to find out this info.  Type in what you want.  It’ll tell you immediately where it’s available – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, and on and on.  If you know for a fact you won’t be using one of the platforms and your name is available on all the big players in the blog world (ie Pinterest), then it’s a match.  Namevine will also give you suggestions based on your search criteria.  Which can be extremely helpful if you’re not entirely sure what you want.


Is it too long?   You don’t want an overly long name.  You’re going to type it eleventy billion times.  You’re going to say it eleventy billion times to other people.  Does it sound weird and entirely too long?  Will it actually fit as an Instagram handle or a Pinterest username?  “mybluebikewithflowersinthebasketandsunshine” is probably a no.  Keep looking.  Go back to step 4 and rethink it.


What do you want to accomplish with your blog?  Do you want to work with sponsors and secure brand partnerships?  I have no issue with cussing.  I do it more than I should.  But “f*%! may not be the best choice.  Brands are going to think of their entire audience which may not look too kind on the F-bomb in a website title.


Get creative.  Write down a list of words that you love and want to include.  Play around with different groupings.  One of my favorite blog names is Making Sense of Cents which is personal finance blog.  It tells you exactly what you’re getting into, but it’s also pretty creative with the play on the words “sense” and “cents”.  Go to and put in some words you like to get alternatives.

And last –

If you’ve got a broad range of topics and you just can’t settle on a name, why not use your own name for your blog title?  It’s unique (well mostly unique) to you and you won’t be pigeon holed into one area.  Or a middle name, favorite grandma’s name, whatever.

Other than choosing a theme (which we’ll cover in another post), choosing blog names may be one of the most difficult tasks.  Because once you choose it, it’s your new identity in a sense.  It will become your Pinterest username, your Instagram handle, Twitter handle, and so on.  You’ll get an email address to go along with it.  It’ll be on all your pins as your watermark.  So take some time with this step.  You always have the option of rebranding in the future if you choose to do so, but if you can get it right from the start, even better!

When I chose, I had two main reasons for picking it.  I like how it’s easy to say and spell and it’s a good length, but I mainly liked that it conveys what this blog is about.  Creating things, whether that’s DIY projects, crafts, blogs, meal plans, or a healthier lifestyle and also finding things – answers to problems about money, finding solutions for organizing/cleaning, plans to build a garden, finding a way to change careers.  These are all just random things that I knew I wanted to write about.   And in my head, they all fit under the umbrella of “create and find”.  So that’s how I picked it.

Happy name choosing!  Pin for later!

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