Setting Up a Blog – What You Need to Know about Hosting

You’ve decided to go for it and start a blog.  You have ideas and passions to share with the world and you want the creative freedom of blogging.  Or maybe you just have a hobby and would like to document your thoughts.  Instead of one post on “getting your blog off the ground in 15 minutes” or “start a money-making blog in no time”, I’m going to break it down.  And this one is all about setting up a blog and what you need to know.  Choosing a host and actually just getting it started.

Blog Names – How to Choose the Right One

You want to start a blog.   You’re scouring Pinterest like a fiend and doing your homework on how to get started.  That’s awesome.  But you need a name.  A good one.  Something you won’t be embarrassed or regretful about in a year.  Blog names can be tricky.  So many are already taken.  The perfect one you’ve had your eye on for a while is only available on one social media platform.  Here’s a few things to keep in mind and some helpful tools for blog names.