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How to Throw a Fabulous Kids Christmas Party (and not lose your mind!)

One thing we’ve done for the past few years around Christmas is host a kids Christmas party.  My kids actually came up with the idea since parents and adults are always getting together around the holidays, they thought, “why not us too”?  And so the annual Christmas craft party started and it’s one of their favorite days of the year.  Since we are getting ready for the next one, I thought I’d share with you how to throw a kids Christmas party, and more importantly, how not to lose your mind in the process!

Thanksgiving Printables

Thanksgiving.  It’s my most favorite holiday.  Giving thanks.  Something we could all stand to focus on more.    We usually host at our house and even though it gets chaotic and the kitchen is a wreck, I love it.  I love the house filled with laughter, delicious smells, and friends and family.  This year, I’ve decided instead of just going around the table and giving thanks, I wanted to give everyone a chance to really think about all our blessings.  In addition to the tree, I made myself a handy little turkey day prep sheet.  One fun idea and one idea to help keep me on schedule and save my sanity.  What dishes I’m making, the correct oven temp, how long it cooks, and when to put it in the oven…..When you’re serving a feast, you’ve got to stay organized!

Fillable Job Charts for Kids

How To Help Kids With Chores – Free Fillable Job Chart

If you’ve been around for a bit, you know I love home decor and budget DIY, but one other thing I’m kind of obsessive about is organizing!    One thing we do to stay organized is getting our kids on board with helping around the house.  I’ve tried a few methods over the years and this one seems to work the best.  We call them “jobs” instead of “chores”.  Sounds better to kids’ ears and makes them think they are part of the workforce.  Which they are!  They are quite capable of earning a few bucks and helping around the house.  Whatever your system is, check out how we keep it organized with this free fillable job chart for kids! …

Top 10 Tuesday – Tailgating

Welcome to the Top 10 Tuesday!

I’m starting a new little series on Tuesdays and it’s a Top 10 list!  Could be DIY, decor, lifestyle, or whatever else seems fun at the moment.  I’m venturing off the DIY path a little this week.  I hope you’ll enjoy!

This week is all about my top 10 favorite things for tailgating!

top 10 tuesday - tailgating essentials Even though it’s still a sweltering 80+ degrees here in Georgia, Fall is on its way!  I love this season – Halloween, pumpkins, turkeys, yummy smelling candles, comfort food – yes to all of it!  And of course – football!!  Fall in Athens, GA means tailgating, friends, delicious food, and good times.  I can’t speak to any other area of the country since I’m from the South and I still live here.  But here in the South – Tailgating is huge.  Huge.  Weddings revolve around home games (and preferably not during football season).  During my son’s birth, UGA was in overtime with Alabama and all eyes were fixed on the TV (except for mine – they were shooting daggers through my hubs).  The day starts super early no matter the kick off time, there are TVs, grills, coolers, and food, food, and more food.  Since we are less than a month out from our first home game here in beautiful Athens, GA, I thought I’d share my Top 10 Favorite Tailgating Supplies.

So Close to Amazing

This is a little deviation from my normal DIY, decor style post.  But, I think it’s something you’ll enjoy.  I am fortunate to be part of a group of very special people celebrating a book launch.  And not just any book launch.  The book launch of an immensely talented lady.  And let’s just be honest – Pretty much my idol of the blogging world.  And believe me, it’s not just another book about decor (which I love those too).     It’s a story, a journey, and it’ll suck you in from Chapter 1.  If you’re a reader, this one’s for you.  Or if you’re looking for inspiration, this one’s for you.  If you’ve ever felt “so close to amazing”, this one’s for you.