Craft Closet Makeover and Organizing Ideas

Week 4 of the 8 Week Declutter Challenge is here!  I had a few setbacks with the flu virus hitting my little girl and the end of the $100 Room Challenge, but I’m back and ready to get this hot mess in order.  If you’re just joining in, I’m happy you’re here.  I’ve worked on three different spaces in my house so far and while it is work, it has immediate payoff.  Less stuff = less clutter = less stress for me.  This week is going to be one of the more challenging weeks since I’m doing a craft closet makeover!

8 week declutter challenge

If you’re new here, please join me and I’d love to see some of your declutter projects!  None of these are intended to cost you much money or to be some amazing decorating makeovers.  Just a way to stay accountable and get rid of the junk so you can do those things later if you want.  It’s so much easier to makeover a space when there’s not a mountain of stuff in your way.

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Craft Closet Makeover

I use the term “craft closet” loosely.  This is basically a closet across from our pantry (right off the kitchen).  It’s become a literal dumping ground for anything you can think of.  And guess who is to blame for that one?  Yep – me.  My hubs has some necessary stuff in there and for a while it was pretty decent with things like a basket for medicine, first aid stuff, cords and batteries and other random things that don’t really have a home.  But enter this girl who decides that she can “just DIY it” instead of buying it, and “don’t toss out that gift bag because I’ll reuse it (and I do!), and a random foam ring, a copper rooster, and blah blah blah.  Now there’s so much junk in there I don’t even know what I have and it takes me forever to find something.  And all the necessary stuff is getting buried under my hoard of stuff.  So it’s time.  Time for a craft closet makeover.  While I’m not actually doing any painting or changing the layout, just cleaning out the junk will be a huge improvement.

Check out these lovely before pics.  Don’t they just make you want to pull out your crafting supplies and make something fabulous?  Nope – it makes you want to shut the door and pretend it’s not there.

craft closet makeover

craft closet makeover

craft closet makeover

So I started like all the rest of the declutter projects by taking everything out.  Yep – everything.  And then I sorted.  I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on this, but I did buy a few more plastic bins from the Dollar Tree.  Bins make me happy and they keep stuff corralled better than just on the shelf.  Plus I hate the wire shelves and things tend to fall through them.

Some stuff got moved to the kitchen.  Which sounds counterproductive because I haven’t even done the kitchen for the declutter challenge yet, but I did have some unused shelves that could fit some appropriate kitchen things.  And then the rest of it got sorted into categories and stored appropriately instead of shoved in there like a hoarder.

Craft Supply and Storage Ideas

  • Ribbons, twine, bows, and other embellishments play well together – let them all be friends in one box
  • I like to keep all my adhesive type things together – glue, glue gun, fabric adhesive….
  • Keep nails, screws, tacks, and other items like that together so you know exactly where to look
  • Keep a bin for first aid and medicine so you know where it is and clean it out periodically
  • Designate one bin or basket for things that need to be filed away – receipts, bills, whatever it is that has to be kept.  I have one and my husband has his own.  That way if there’s something I’m not sure if he needs, I toss it in his bin for him to go through later.
  • I keep a large plastic container full of gift bags, tissue paper, and ribbons.  I never have to go searching as we are on our way out the door to a birthday party.  I’m that girl who saves the bags and bows after parties.
  • Keep a basket for batteries, tape, and other necessities that seem to disappear at the wrong moment.
  • Think about what you really need to keep.  Manual for appliances – nope.  Those are all online.  Receipts from 2 years ago – nope.  Broken candles – when will you ever put those on a cake?  Never.  Scrapbook supplies that have been sitting unused for 5 years.  Time to let it go.

Baskets and Bins

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There are so many great choices and since I started looking, I found much better prices online.  This kind of thing can get pricey if you want to add several to your house.  For now though, we have our same old bins and they work just fine.  I’m hoping to get some much prettier ones (like those wood crates above!) once I can paint the closet and ditch those wire shelves!  And that’s one thing I’ve learned – if you don’t find exactly what you want, just wait.  Of course this would look like much more fun if everything was matching and pretty.  But there’s no point in wasting money unless it’s what you want.  So until I can order what I want, the old ones will work.  And when it comes time for the pretty stuff, I won’t have to spend hours getting rid of junk!

And here’s what I ended up with after sorting and throwing away junk.  I made a small yard sale pile for things to give to my mother in law (here’s looking at you copper rooster), and neatly put back the stuff I need and use.  And now I can see in there again!

craft closet makeover

craft closet makeover

Thanks for following along and I hope you’ll come back next week for Week 5 of the 8 Week Declutter Challenge.  Join in and get rid of the junk.  It’s very freeing to not be swimming in piles of chaos in your own house.  For our playroom makeover, just getting rid of unwanted junk made a huge difference!

Next week is the dreaded paper clutter.  This one is necessary for me right now because tax time is right around the corner and I’ve got to get it together!  Have a wonderful week and good luck on the decluttering!

UPDATE:  Check out Week 5 and 10 Guaranteed Ways to Control Paper Clutter

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