Declutter Challenge – Kids’ Bedrooms

Welcome to week 2 of the 8 week Declutter Challenge!  If you missed the beginning – no worries.  It’s never too late to get rid of stuff that is just taking up precious real estate in your house.  Here’s the gist of what we are doing over the course of 8 weeks – 8 Week Decluttering Challenge!  A new year means new goals and one of my big goals is to go through closets, bathrooms, kids rooms, the pantry, the kitchen, and a few other spaces that have unused or unwanted stuff and get rid of it!

8 week declutter challenge

Last week I started with something that was pretty easy for me since I don’t own a lot of clothes.  I did the master bedroom closet and I ended up with a trunkful of donation clothes!  You can check it out below.

Master Bedroom Closet

If you haven’t joined in, jump in now!  It’s never too late to get rid of the clutter!

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Back to this week!  Since I was already upstairs in the bedrooms, I thought why not go ahead with the kids’ rooms too and take all the donation clothes at one time.

Declutter Challenge – Kids’ Bedrooms

I’m guessing they are taking after me and my clothes minimalist attitude because neither of them care about how many clothes or what kind.  As long as they are comfortable (read, no “fancy pants”) for my son, he’s good.  Apparently if it’s not basketball shorts or pants, they are considered “fancy”.  And my daughter tends to pick out leggings, long sleeve shirts and one or two dresses and she’s good.  I’m definitely making the most of this stage, because I know it’ll change soon enough and they will want/need more clothes and shoes.

Boy’s Room – aka “the easy room”

Since my son is 10 now, he doesn’t have a lot of toys left in his room except for an enormous collection of Legos.  If you are overrun with Legos, definitely check out my Lego storage ideas here!  So his room was just a matter of sorting his clothes which didn’t take long since there’s not much to sort and organizing his Legos and Hess Trucks.  He opted to put all the Hess trucks in storage.   We are redoing our playroom right now and we brought all of his completed Lego sets upstairs to display on his shelves.  He likes to keep them together, but we still have plenty of other sets that have been broken over the years which means lots of homeless Legos sitting around.  So I put all the loose pieces in a big plastic container.  That way he can still build with them, but they aren’t all over the room.  He’s got this fabulous DIY fort bed that has a giant space underneath it, so we stored his sleeping bag and extra pillows in there.  And one day I’ll attempt to do a post on that bed.  It was pre blog days for me so not a lot was documented.

The only thing that I had to get rid of in his room is a box of clothes that went to a super sweet friend.  Done!

Declutter kids rooms declutter kids room declutter challenge boys room

Girl’s Room – aka “the one with all the stuff”

This one is a little more challenging as I’m sure most little girls’ rooms are.  However, I’ve got to brag on my sweet girl.  Since they were tiny, I’ve been having them help me with “keep or get rid of” with their toys and clothes.  She helped me the whole time and told me exactly what was staying and what was going.  She had a pretty messy closet which is mostly my fault because when something doesn’t fit or doesn’t have a home, I tend to just throw it in the top of the closet.  We went through all her clothes and got the good ones out for the donation pile.

And please don’t laugh at the lack of clothes.  Pretty much everything she actually wears is in her dresser.

declutter challenge kids room closet

Then onto the toys.  She’s only 7 so she still plays with a lot of toys and I’m 100% fine with that.  She’s the one that will stay in her room alone just playing.  We went through all the bins and boxes, her dresser, and her bookshelf and collected quite a pile of stuff to get rid of.

declutter project Some will go to donation, the library, or yard sale.  Either way, it’s going.

And now she has plenty of room to play.  We ended up bringing all her dolls and accessories up here from the playroom and she loves it.  Lots of space to spread out and play.

declutter challenge kids room

declutter challenge kids room

declutter challenge kids room

I’d love to see if you’ve joined me and have any declutter success stories of your own!  Email me or comment below!  And next week, it’s the pantry!   And let me tell you.  It’s kind of embarrassing to show what all I have stuffed in there!  I’m also nearing the finish line of the $100 Room Challenge!  You can see what’s happening in the playroom:

Playroom Makeover – Week 3

See you next week for Week 3 of the 8 Week Decluttering Challenge!

8 week declutter challenge kids bedrooms


UPDATE:  Check out all the other weeks we’ve done so far!

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