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Delicious and Easy Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

Delicious and Easy Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

If you’re looking for easy instant pot chicken recipes, you’ve come to the right place. On this list, you’ll find simple chicken recipes that are perfect for weeknight dinners, quick meals, and those moments in time when you’re ready to let your Instant Pot take over and do its magic. 

Parent to parent, I’m going to be real with you all for a moment. Sometimes, the thought of trying to figure out what to cook for dinner can be downright exhausting. (Please tell me I’m not the only one that feels that way…!) And truth be told, after years of thinking about recipes and being creative, I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes, having a plethora of easy recipes on hand for times that I’m feeling exhausted and tired is a perfectly acceptable plan to have.

This is how I also realized that I’m in love with our Instant Pot. It’s not only a super simple way to cook meals easily but they’re literally done in half the time. (and for those of us who have ever had a screaming child or a hungry teen asking how long it is until dinner, you know that a quick meal is truly a sanity saver!)

If you’re wondering why I choose to put chicken as the meat of focus, it’s because chicken is actually really versatile to use, has less fat than other forms of protein, and takes on the flavors of recipes really, really well.

As you’ll see from these Easy Instant Pot Chicken recipes below, they’re all unique and delicious in their own way.

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Easy Instant Pot Chicken Recipes Every Parent Needs 

Before diving into the amazing list of simple chicken dinner ideas, here are a few of the most common questions that inquiring minds like to know.

Can you use frozen chicken in the instant pot?

Yes, you sure can! Yet another reason why the Instant Pot totally rocks. You don’t even have to wait for the chicken to thaw. Total game-changer, right?! 

The only downfall to be aware of is that it will take your Instant Pot just a little bit longer to pressurize to cook the frozen chicken, but only just a few extra moments of time.

Is it OK to leave the instant pot unattended?

I don’t. Now, this doesn’t mean that I stay in the same room or anything with it but I make certain that I’m home while it’s cooking. This is just a safety precaution as I would hate for something to happen that could have been prevented had I been home. 

In my mind, there’s a difference between the crockpot being one and all day and cooking and leaving that versus the Instant Pot which is using high pressure and steam in a very fast manner. 

Okay, now that I’ve educated a bit, let’s get down to the delicious and easy Instant Pot chicken recipes! 

Simple Instant Pot Chicken Recipes 

Now that you have 10 amazing and easy Instant Pot chicken recipes to make, it’s time to make out your meal-planning menu for the week. You just might find that letting your Instant Pot take over and do all the cooking is just what you needed to happen! 

Do you have a favorite easy Instant Pot Chicken recipe from the list above that you’re excited about making? 

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Delicious and easy instant pot chicken recipes