Fabulous Living Room Decorating Ideas

I’ve thought a lot lately about how we decide on a “style” for our homes.  My house is kind of eclectic mix of vintage, farmhouse, traditional, and even a few modern pieces thrown in here.   I have a hard time sticking to just one particular style and for me it works.  You should decorate your home how you want it and what works for your family.  To me, there are no hard and fast rules.   One of the next rooms in my house that I’ll be focusing on is my living room.  This is one of the most used rooms in the house so it’s gotta be family and dog friendly.  Check out these fabulous living room decorating ideas for an eclectic mix of styles!

Fabulous Living Room Decorating Ideas – A Mix of Eclectic Styles

living room decor ideas

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vintage inspired living room decor ideas

Click any link below for details!
1. Vintage Industrial Floor Lamp
2. Pottery Barn Cameron Sofa
3. Coffee Table
4. Table Lamp
5. Vintage Inspired Rug
6. Accent Chair


living room decor ideas farmhouse style inspiration
1. Jute Rug
2. Rustic Media Console
3. Accent Chair
4. Farmhouse Style Sconce
5. Farmhouse Style Storage Cabinet
6. Farmhouse Pillow


Fabulous Living Room Decor Ideas Modern Inspired Living Room
1. Purple no longer available – here’s a similar one!
2. Coffee Table
3. Modern Table Lamp
4. Modern Wall Art
5. Modern Geometric Rug
6. Modern Wall Clock


Traditional inspired living room
1. Traditional French Accent Chair
2. Traditional Area Rug
3. Set of 2 Brass Touch Lamps
4. Coffee Table
5. Traditional Sofa (this one is 93″ long!)
6. Traditional Schoolhouse Pendulum Clock

I hope you found something you love in this mix of eclectic fabulous living room decorating ideas!  You don’t have to stick to just one style. Mix and match. Go with what you love. Create the home you love, no matter the style!  For more decorating ideas check out these related posts:

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4 thoughts on “Fabulous Living Room Decorating Ideas”

    1. Thanks Marly. Surprisingly, I was drawn to elements from all the boards! I typically think of myself as a “farmhouse” style girl, but I found myself loving pieces of all four boards!

  1. Is it wrong to like all the styles?! lol. I have a hard time making my mind. My home definitely tends to be more on the traditional side but there is always some other style thrown into every room. P.S. LOVE the blue traditional rug, I have it in my kitchen 🙂 I may need to move it somewhere else after seeing how well it looks with the traditional chair you selected. SO PRETTY!

    1. Maria – that is your rug!! I knew I loved it before seeing it on Amazon! And definitely not wrong to like all styles. If I were starting from scratch, I would pull design elements from each style!

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