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5 Healthy Eating Habits You Need NOW!

5 Healthy Eating Habits You Need NOW!

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated or cost you tons of money.  And it isn’t just for resolutions that’ll fade after January 31st rolls around.   If you’re looking to make some changes, don’t skip these healthy eating habits that anyone can have!

And these are simple. Not easy, but simple. There’s a difference.

But first things first. Think about why you’re even reading this. Are you unhappy with your weight?  Do you want to get healthy?  Whatever the reason, make sure it’s for you.  Not because someone said you should. Or you feel pressure from social media. Make sure you want this for you.

Healthy Eating Habits You Need!

A few simple changes will help you look better sure, but most importantly, you’ll feel better. Your body will thank you for it. There are a few healthy eating habits that you can practice every day that will help you achieve your goals.  A healthier you isn’t a quick overnight fix.  But it can be done!


Now I know that drinking water isn’t exactly a healthy “eating” habit. But considering that we generally drink with every meal, it’s vital. Water makes up between 50-65% of the human body. Clearly, it’s important.

And the best part about this habit is that it’s FREE! Check out the drink prices the next time you go out to a restaurant. In my area, it’s between $1.50 and $3 for tea, coke, or anything else that’s nonalcoholic. That’s a minimum of $6 extra bucks for a family of four if you don’t choose water. But, the main reason to adopt a water habit is health benefits.

12 ounces of coke is at least 150 calories. And chances are if you order a coke or any other soda at a restaurant, they’ll refill your drink again and again. You could end up sinking about 600 calories on beverages alone!

And those gas station drinks can add up to tons more. You buy a bigger size because it’s a deal. There goes 300+ calories right there. Along with more sugar than you’re supposed to consume in one day.

Stick with water. Hydrate your body and you’ll see a difference in your skin immediately. Down a gallon of water in a day and see how much better you feel. Another added benefit of drinking water is you feel full.

Try a glass of water before you sit down to eat and see if you eat as much food. Sometimes when we think we’re hungry, it’s actually our body telling us we need more water! 

Try it. Free and easy.

If you’ve got a big soda habit, this will be hard. But it’s worth it. You’ll save calories and money!Healthy eating habits - meal plan

Meal Plan

Healthy eating habits start with a plan. You don’t wake up one day and decide that all your choices will be healthy ones and snap your fingers and it’s done. Nope – you make a plan. You sit down and decide what you’re going to eat this week.

And it doesn’t have to be elaborate. The fittest people I know eat a lot of the same things each week. It might vary a bit, but they aren’t spending hours in the kitchen each day and night. They know what works and they stick to it.

Make a list of healthy meals you like and write them down. If you start to get bored, go to your list and add some variety. But healthy eating starts with a plan. Every time I don’t plan, I make poor choices. Part of that is because I get lazy and since I had nothing planned, I just go for what’s easiest. But when I actually stick to my meal plan, I tend to mess up on my healthy eating a lot less.

And you can get as fancy or simple as you want with this. There are tons of options for free printables or online planning. I keep it crazy simple and we sit down with a notebook and write out the plan for the week. Then we make a grocery list based on the plan and that’s it. Easy!


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Cut Down on Carbs

Notice I didn’t say cut out carbs.  Even if you’re on a Keto lifestyle, you can still have some carbs.  But I don’t know anyone that is healthy and has healthy eating habits that binges on carbs all day. 

Carbs include breads, pasta, dairy, grains, sugars, and the list goes on.  If you’re addicted to sweets, chances are good you aren’t eating as healthy as you could be. 

Even drinks can be full of carbs.  One 12 ounce can of Mountain Dew = 46 grams of carbs.  46!!  To put that number in perspective, if you’re doing Keto, you want to stick to about 25-50 grams per day.  If you have a 12 ounce Mountain Dew, you’re done for the day as far as carbs are concerned. 

There are no health benefits to soda and it’s an effective way to cut down on carbs if you can eliminate sodas completely.  

My husband is a prime example of this.  He decided several months ago to try to get a little healthier.  But,  he was a huge fan of Mountain Dew.  He cut them out and switched to water.  In addition to adding in the gym several times a week and watching his carb intake from food, he dropped almost 20 pounds in about 4 months. 

He dropped over 700 calories a day just by cutting out Mountain Dew!  Not to mention saving the $2 a pop every time he got one from the gas station!

Don’t Skip Breakfast

This is super important.  Make your meal plan and absolutely include breakfast!  This will be the key that helps you avoid bingeing on unhealthy choices when lunchtime comes around and your stomach has been growling for hours.  You’ll be more inclined to make good choices for the rest of the day if you start out on the right foot. 

It’s like going to the grocery store when you’re hungry.  Terrible idea.  When you get to lunch and you’ve been hungry for hours, you’re more likely to swing through a drive-through or choose the quickest option which isn’t always the best choice.  So don’t skip it.  Get up a few minutes earlier if you need to.  Plan breakfast when you do the weekly meal plan.  

One of my favorite breakfast choices that keeps me on track is this Keto friendly breakfast casserole.  Make it on Sunday and use it all week for a healthy breakfast option.  It reheats perfectly and makes at least 8-10 servings.  

Plan Snacks

Most healthy people don’t just eat 3 meals a day.  Often the ones with the healthiest eating habits are eating every 3 hours or so.  This keeps you from getting to that “hangry” point when you’re angry because you’re so hungry you choose anything you can stuff in your face. 

This is the one I need to work on the most.  I get busy.  We all do.  It’s not feasible to whip up a gourmet snack twice a day.  But this comes back to the meal planning.  Include them in your plans.  Repeat a few throughout the week so you don’t get bored.  But just include them. 

Add in some protein to your snacks to help keep you feeling full.  We aren’t talking a bag of chips.  Nutritious snacks.  A piece of fruit and some cheese.  A handful of nuts.  Hummus and veggies.  Things like that will keep you going in between meals.  If Keto is your choice – I’ve got a list of Keto Approved Snack foods to add to your meal plans! 

Making changes is tough.  It really is.  But,  commit to a few of these healthy eating habits and see how you feel.  None of them cost money.  In fact, they may save you money by planning ahead and skipping out on processed snacks and drinks.  

And if you’re considering a keto lifestyle – be sure to check out this page for tons of keto info including what to eat, what to avoid, snacks, meal plans, shopping lists, recipes and more!  

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