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Keto Diet Meal Planning – 3 Week Easy Menu

Keto Diet Meal Planning – 3 Week Easy Menu

With any new diet or lifestyle changes, it helps to have a plan. I know it sounds cliche but it’s pretty true that failing to plan is planning to fail.  If I “wing it” for a meal plan, I don’t do so well. So to keep you going with your keto diet lifestyle, here are some easy ideas for keto diet meal planning to keep you on track!

Originally I was going week by week, as I started out with A Week Of Keto Meals and a corresponding shopping list.  But I’m listing the other 3 weeks all in one post now!  You’ll see repeats here. There’s no chef that lives here and prepares my meals. And there’s no money tree in the backyard so it’s can’t be complicated or too expensive. Plus my kids have to eat too. It’s easier to make meals that can be modified for all of us whether or not it’s keto.  And aside from a few new recipes I’m trying, most of it is simple.  

Keto Diet Meal Planning made easy.  Simple ideas to keep you focused and on track with a healthy meal plan.  #createandfind #ketomealplanning #mealplanning #healthyeating

I don’t work from home so there are no elaborate lunches.  Mostly leftovers and easy lunches.  If it’s too complicated, it’s harder to stick with.  

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Week One


Breakfast:  Keto Smoothie – I’m admittedly not an avocado fan, but this recipe from Wholesome Yum has strawberries also, which I love.  And avocados are great options for keto so I’m giving this one a go this week!  I’m omitting a sweetener and using my favorite protein powder to add a more sweet flavor.  Plus, the added protein will keep me feeling full longer. 

Lunch:  Deli meat roll-ups with provolone cheese with a spinach salad – 3 cups of spinach, 1/2 cup tomatoes, cheese, and red wine vinegar 

Dinner: Keto Garlic Chicken – this recipe from Gimme Delicious is phenomenal!!  This is one the whole family will love too.


BreakfastKeto Taco Breakfast Skillet – I’m changing up the traditional breakfast casserole that I love and adding some new taco flavors this week with this recipe from Peace, Love, and Low Carb

Lunch:  Leftover Chicken from Sunday

Dinner:  Caesar salad, meatballs (I buy the frozen kind) but make sure to use a no sugar added marinara or make your own.  


Breakfast:  2 egg omelet with spinach, tomatoes, and cheese

Lunch:  Leftover meatballs and a spinach salad

Dinner:  Lean sirloin steak, asparagus *see my favorite zesty asparagus recipe here, steamed broccoli, and a garlic butter sauce for the steak.  Melt 2 tbsp butter with 2 chopped garlic cloves and drizzle over the steak


Breakfast:  Leftover Taco Casserole

Lunch:  Smoothie repeat from Sunday, deli meat roll-ups with cheese and 1/2 cup raspberries

DinnerGarlic Butter Tomato Baked Chicken – Just wait until you see this recipe from Little Spice Jar!  And I know tomatoes have carbs – It’s all about the portion size.  I’ll likely cut down the amount a bit and watch my portion size on this one, but seriously – one pan for all the yumminess!


Breakfast:  Smoothie with protein powder

Lunch:  Leftover Chicken

Dinner:  Low carb tortilla wraps with ham/turkey/cheese/lettuce/tomatoes and Italian seasoning.  Add a little olive oil to a skillet and heat over medium heat.  Lay your tortilla in the pan and add ham and turkey to one side, layer with cheese, any veggies you like, lettuce, tomatoes, and sprinkle with Italian seasoning, salt and pepper.  Heat and then fold over like a quesadilla.  Dip into red wine vinegar/olive oil combo.  


Breakfast:  Taco Skillet Casserole leftovers

Lunch:  1/2 cup raspberries, spinach salad, deli meat slices with cheese

Dinner:  Chicken breasts marinated in Italian dressing (cube chicken, marinate in dressing for at least 20 minutes, then cook it all in a pan over med-high heat until done).  Caesar salad, and asparagus


Breakfast:  2 egg omelet with cheese, spinach, and tomatoes

Lunch:  Leftover chicken 

Dinner:  Pan-fried burgers topped with cheese and bacon, side salad with vinegar/olive oil dressingKeto Meal Planning and Prep

Week 2


Breakfast:  I’m going back to my trusty staple of Keto Breakfast Casserole this week.  It’s easy and it gets me at least 4 days (because my hubs steals the rest!)

Lunch:  Spinach salad with homemade vinegar dressing (mix red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, dry mustard, and a splash of balsamic vinegar in a jar – shake well).  4 slices of roast beef rolled up with provolone cheese

Dinner: Salsa Chicken – Add 4 chicken breasts and one container of salsa (check the carbs) to your crockpot.  Cook on high for 4 hours.  Strain the chicken then shred with a fork and enjoy!  Super easy and simple.  It’s one of my favorite Keto Slow Cooker Meals!


Breakfast:  Vanilla/Raspberry Smoothie – 1/2 cup almond milk, 1 scoop vanilla bean protein powder, 1/2 cup raspberries, 1/2 cup ice – the protein powder keeps me full and tastes amazing.  No gritty aftertaste and it’s delicious!

Lunch:  Leftover Salsa Chicken

DinnerChicken Fajitas – just make sure you’re using low carb tortillas.  However, this chicken is so delicious, you can skip the tortilla completely if you want


BreakfastKeto Breakfast Casserole

Lunch:  Caesar salad (the prepackaged kits at the store cost more, but they’re good if you’re short on time), deli ham and provolone cheese

Dinner:  Spinach salad, chicken breast, and hot bacon vinaigrette dressing from Foodie With Family – this recipe is delish!!


Breakfast:  Smoothie

Lunch:  Deli wraps with lettuce, cheese, and a few tomatoes – I’ll add some of my leftover dressing from Tuesday night’s dinner

Dinner:  Grilled hamburger, cheese, no bun (you can use a lettuce wrap if you choose, but I just skip it).  Salad


Breakfast:  Keto Breakfast Casserole

Lunch:  Leftover burger and 1/2 cup raspberries (Not all fruits are excluded from keto, you just have to choose wisely – see my Keto Food List for more info)

Dinner:  Chicken and Steak stir fry.  You can buy prepackaged beef stir fry or cut up a sirloin.  Slice red and green pepper, zucchini, and add broccoli florets to the skillet.  I’ll admit that I don’t love stir fry without the rice as much.  However, I add red pepper flakes, salt and pepper to the meat and veggies while cooking and it’s delicious!


Breakfast: Smoothie

Lunch:  Leftover stir fry

Dinner:  Taco bowl – prepare tacos like you normally do, but omit the shells or tortillas.  This is one meal that I don’t even miss the shells because the meat is so flavored.  


Breakfast:  Spinach, egg, tomato, and cheese omelet

Lunch:  Leftover taco bowls

DinnerCrock Pot Tuscan Garlic Chicken

Week 3

For Week 3 – I’m going back over the last 3 weeks and combining my favorite meals from each week.  It’ll make meal prep easier so I know exactly what I’m eating and I can make an easy shopping list.  

One tip when prepping for meals – if you have the option to buy online and pick up your groceries without setting foot in the store, this is a game-changer.  There will be no temptations creeping around every sneaky aisle (here’s looking at you cookies and crackers).  In addition, you’ll save money.  No impulse buying!

If you’ve got kids in the house that need snacks and treats here and there, pick out things you don’t like.  And I don’t intend for that to be selfish or mean.  For example, my kids like Goldfish.  I do not.  There’s never a temptation for me to break into the Goldfish crackers because I don’t like them.  However, my son loves Ritz crackers.  So does this girl.  If there are Ritz in the pantry, I’m tempted to eat them.  So while you’re getting your motivation and dedication down for healthy eating, maybe you skip the Ritz (or whatever your weakness is).  Everyone wins.  They get the snacks or treats they want and you aren’t tempted to share them!

And don’t forget to check out Week One for Keto here! 

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Sunday 27th of December 2020

Do you every use cauliflower rice for the stir fry?

Ashley Ortega

Friday 20th of September 2019


create and find

Friday 20th of September 2019

Hey Ashley - I don't have a full grocery list for the 3 week plan - only the one week. I will try to make one! Thanks!