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Kitchen Organization Ideas

Kitchen Organization Ideas

It’s amazing how much stuff I had packed into my cabinets that I have never even used the entire time I’ve lived in my house.  But no more – I cleaned out and purged and added a few new things to keep it that way.  For a room that gets used multiple times a day, I think this one will be well worth the effort!

In case you’re just hopping in, I started an 8 Week Challenge to get rid of clutter in my house.  Useless stuff that is just taking up real estate in different rooms that I don’t need, love, or use.  Those are my 3 criteria when deciding whether to keep something.  Do I love it, use it or need it?  If I can’t answer yes to one of those questions, it’s out.

And even if you haven’t started, it’s never too late!

Kitchen Organization Ideas

This week I finally got to my kitchen which wasn’t horrible, but definitely needed a good declutter job.  The sad part is, I just painted my kitchen cabinets about 6 months ago and I thought I had purged a few things when I painted, but clearly not.  

For example, I have a muffin pan that’s in the shape of hearts.  Where it came from, I have no idea.  I’ve never used it, I don’t even eat muffins, and it was always in my way when trying to get a baking pan.  See ya bye heart-shaped pan.  

And can we just talk about the plastic cups?  Do they multiply on their own?  How do they get in?  We certainly use plastic cups and water bottles, but do we need a million of them?  No, we don’t.  And they’re always falling over and making a mess.

I decided early on, I needed a few new things to help me declutter and organize the kitchen.  The goal of this challenge is to get rid of things.  Not redecorating, not making over a room – just getting rid of unwanted stuff.  

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I bought a few varying sizes of organizers – an expandable shelf, a few of the smaller ones, a corner shelf, and also a few small white baskets that were around $0.75 each that I can also use in the bathroom decluttering job next week.  I only focused on a few cabinets that were super annoying when trying to cook a meal.  The rest just got neater or purged.

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Before getting rid of junk:

kitchen organizing
kitchen organizing ideas

And after getting rid of junk:

kitchen organization ideas
kitchen organizing ideas
kitchen organizing ideas
kitchen organizing ideas

The new shelf organizers are perfect.  They give just enough added space so I don’t have 10 things stacked on each other.  I have a pile of things to get rid of.  Tiny little teacups that came with my plates – nope.  I definitely need more coffee than will fit in those so they’re out.  

Heart-shaped muffin pan – buh bye.  And lots more.  Now my kitchen is so much more organized.  I moved some things around also to make a little more sense.  All my small appliances (toaster, small food processor…) are in one cabinet under the island.  I moved the giant food processor to the back of one cabinet since I only use it about once a year.  

All my vases are easily accessible for those times I actually remember to buy fresh flowers.  I’ve got the little pots stacked on an organizer.  We already had a shelf for pans and I highly recommend getting one of those to keep your saucepans/frying pans neat.

I realize too that I’m just not much of a baker.  I don’t need 10 different sized cake pans.  Or four muffin pans.  And my thoughts are that if I haven’t used them in almost 5 years of living here, I’m not going to.  I won’t miss them at all.  One cabinet I didn’t get to was above the ovens.  But I also can’t reach up there, so for the moment, this little bit is going to be good enough.  The drawers are in decent shape so I only focused on the cabinets this time.

Catch up on all the decluttering weeks below.  Hopefully, this inspires you to tackle an area in your house that just makes you feel stressed – too much stuff, too much clutter is overwhelming.  You don’t have to do a makeover or get all crazy fancy.  Simply getting rid of unwanted stuff is very freeing.

kitchen organization ideas

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