Master Bedroom Closet Clean Out!

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Welcome to Week 1 of the 8 week declutter challenge!  If you missed it, you can check out all the details in the original post – 8 WEEK DECLUTTER CHALLENGE.  Basically I’m tired of having so much stuff.  And what better time than a brand new year to get all the junk out?  I’m not doing makeovers on these areas – simply cleaning out.  I find it’s too easy to get overwhelmed if it’s not cleared out first.  Plus I’m in the middle of the $100 room challenge and I’m redoing our playroom.  No time for other makeovers right now.   But there is time for cleaning out the clutter!  This challenge is designed to only take a few hours each week and focus on 8 different spaces in your home that have way too much stuff!  This week is the master bedroom closet!

8 weeks to a clutter free house

For the first week, I’m focusing on my closet.  I’ll admit, it was pretty organized before because I hate to shop and I don’t have a ton of clothes.  And what I do have tends to be black, white, or gray.  I really should branch out a little more, but it’s just not important to me.  Several years ago, we added some additional wire shelving in the closet which helps tremendously.  And one of the things I love about this house is that I get my own closet.  No sharing!

Master Bedroom Closet Decluttering

Here’s where I started: (and I apologize for the lighting – that’s on my goal list – new light for the closet!!)

master bedroom closet

master bedroom closet

See that plastic container on the top shelf?  There were actually two more on the floor.  And they were full of clothes.  Clothes that I haven’t worn in years.  Seriously, there are several dresses that I’ve had since college and I am waayyy past college.  I can’t for the life of me figure out why I’ve been hanging onto them.  I can still wear them which is a plus, but I don’t even like them.

With every room, I’m taking it all out first.  Then sorting through and asking myself three questions:

Do I love it, need it, or use it?  If it doesn’t fall into one of these categories, it’s gone.  Donated, sold, or trashed – outta here.  Here’s looking at you college dresses.  Bye bye now.


  • If you are really wavering on getting rid of something, put in on a hanger turned the wrong way on the rack.  If you still see that same hanger 6 months later turned backwards, then it’s probably a safe bet that you aren’t going to wear it.  
  • Store out of season clothes in a plastic tote like the one below until it’s time to wear them.  This keeps less clothes in the closet at one time and it’s easier to see what you have.  
  • Use inexpensive storage totes like the ones below for shoes that you don’t wear often.  Keeps the dust off the shoes and easier to stack or store than shoe boxes.  These are some of my favorite investments for my closet and they are $1.99 each!!

Click the pics below for affiliate links for my faves (see my full affiliate disclosure here)

I’m amazed at how much I had stuffed into that closet that I either don’t even like or it doesn’t fit.  I had three black suits – and if anyone can tell me why I thought I ever needed three black suits, that would be great.  Anyway, all three are too big.  Gone.  All in all, I got rid of a trunkful of stuff.  I take all our donation clothes to a great local facility that provides clothing to needy individuals.  The clothes that weren’t in donation condition are either trashed or I use them as rags in the garage.  Coats, scarves, shirts, pants, shoes, belts, dresses, and t-shirts.  My closet is so much lighter now and only the stuff I wear is in it.  I use one of the plastic totes to hold summer things so it doesn’t get too packed in.  Every thing has a hanger so it’s so much easier to put away laundry.  I’ve got my gym clothes in a bin from the Target dollar spot because it doesn’t need to be folded neatly.  No one cares if your clothes are wrinkled at 5:45am anyway.


And here’s what I ended up with to donate.  Since I don’t have a ton of clothes in the first place, this one didn’t take very long.  I figure if I do this twice a year, it’ll stay this way!  I do realize that if you are a clothes lover, it’ll take a bit longer, but seriously consider what you actually wear.  If it hasn’t seen the light of day in years, trust me, you won’t miss it.

master bedroom decluttering

1st week – done!

master bedroom closet makeover

Now it’s only stuff I wear regularly.  My gym clothes are organized, my paint clothes are sorted and neatly put together, and I only have one plastic container of summer stuff.

I’d love to see if you tackled any closets this week or any other area of your house that just has too much stuff! Email me or comment below!

And if you haven’t already, join the list with us to get updates and stay on track with 8 weeks to clutter free house!

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Stay tuned for next week – it’s the kids rooms!  
8 week declutter challenge

4 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Closet Clean Out!”

  1. Great Job!! I got my kitchen cupboards all done and so far they are staying nicely organized as well! Mind you I may have threatened everyone a little after all my hard work. 😛 It feels so good!

    1. Oooh – come on over and do my kitchen too! I’ve got tons of stuff I don’t use – ever. You are so right – it feels great to let go of stuff you don’t need and then someone else can actually get some use out of it! Thanks for following along friend!

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