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Popular Children’s Books – Ideas For All Ages They’ll Love

I don’t think there’s any better way to enrich a kid’s mind other than reading. It’s beneficial in so many ways and it gives you a chance to hang out with your kiddos!  When the kids get older, it’s an activity they can do on their own that doesn’t involve screens or social media.  Here’s just a few of my favorite popular children’s books that we’ve loved over the years.  Get them reading early and they’ll appreciate it for years to come.

It’s getting harder these days to compete with screens when it comes to kids and how they spend their time.  My kids are 11 and 8 and while I know that the screens are here to stay, they still love reading.  We’ve been reading to them since they were babies and they’ve both developed a love for it.  It’s amazing to see their interests develop (it’s not always what you expect either), and to see them grow their vocabulary and comprehension.  There are so many reasons I think it’s the best screen free activity they can do!

And of course you don’t have to buy books – use your local library!  The library is a fantastic resource for books and it’s completely free! Popular Children's Books - Different books based on age groups.

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Books for Babies and Tiny Kids

Little kids, even babies, love colorful picture books, touch and feel books, and those fun ones with the pop up or hidden pictures, and especially books with sound.  Even at an early age, they can learn colors, textures, numbers, and so much more.  And yes – you’ll read it a thousand times. They’ll look at the same pictures over and over again, but you’re getting them started in the right direction.  

We used to read at least three books when we had time before bed.  And my kids usually picked the same three books for what seemed like months!  

And every new Mama should own Love You Forever.  Just try to get through this one without tearing up.  It’s virtually impossible.  Possibly the sweetest book ever.  

Books for Little Kids

If your kids are like ours, those picture books and touch and feels will hang around for years.  Eventually they’ll be more interested in sitting with you to read books that are a bit longer.  These were some of my favorite years – I think I read Go Dog Go a million times and they loved it every time.   Dr. Seuss always topped our list of faves and Elephant and Piggy books are winners as well.  I was recently given a set of Cedar City Critters which I gave to my 3 year old nephew and he loves them – they’re full of fabulous illustrations and good lessons! 

There are so many good ones to list, it’s impossible to just pick a few!  

Books For Young Elementary Kids

Every kid develops on their own timeline.  If you can find something that interests them, you’ve got a much better chance of keeping them reading.  Got a sports fanatic – find a sports themed book.  Mystery, drama, fairytales – there’s something for everyone.  Magic Tree House is an incredible series that will keep the kids interested and they’re not terribly long either.  My son loved pretty much all of them.  My daughter was drawn more to Junie B Jones books (warning though – it’s a little tough to read out loud – I’m sure you get this if you’ve read them).

Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, Big Nate, and Dog Man have been huge hits over the years too.  Both my kids enjoy flipping through these on a regular basis when they’re not in the middle of a chapter book.  

Books for Older Elementary Kids

This is the stage my kids are in now.  They’re 11 and 8 and more interested in chapter books and series at this point.  Of course they still pick up their old favorites from time to time, but their reading levels have advanced so their books have too.  I miss the early days of Fox in Socks and Touch and Feel books, but this stage means I get to read books that are also interesting to me!  I’m pretty certain I was the only adult left on the planet that hadn’t read Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia.  And now I’m so happy I did!  They’re incredible books and they’ll keep your kids engaged for weeks on end.  

Currently, my 8 year old daughter and me are reading The Land of Stories series.  These are seriously so good!  I’m just as addicted to them as she is and we can’t wait to read each night!  And I’m reading The Hunger Games with my 11 year old son.  Not exactly a kid book, but we’re reading it together and he loves it.  You’ll have to decide for your own kids when they’re ready for something like that though.  Different kids have different maturity levels and I know this series isn’t for everyone.  We only read this one together so I can explain things to him.  

These are just a few of my favorite children’s books for older kids.  And if you’ve got any favorites – send them my way!  We’re always looking for more to read!

There are so many popular children’s books to get kids interested in reading. Those are just a few of our favorites over the years. As my kids get older and their reading tastes change, I’ll update the lists!

Hit up the library and just let them browse around to find what they like.   They’ll build their vocabulary, comprehension skills, you can have bonding time with them, and it doesn’t involve a screen!  When Grandma and Grandpa ask what they want for birthdays or Christmas, get the next series on their list.  Or maybe you have a super cool aunt like me that always gives the best books for birthdays!  

Send me your favorites – I’m especially curious to see what my kids like once middle school gets here.  Seems like a whole different level and I’m excited for them to continue to love reading!

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