Thanksgiving Printables

Thanksgiving.  It’s my most favorite holiday.  Giving thanks.  Something we could all stand to focus on more.    We usually host at our house and even though it gets chaotic and the kitchen is a wreck, I love it.  I love the house filled with laughter, delicious smells, and friends and family.  This year, I’ve decided instead of just going around the table and giving thanks, I wanted to give everyone a chance to really think about all our blessings.  In addition to the tree, I made myself a handy little turkey day prep sheet.  One fun idea and one idea to help keep me on schedule and save my sanity.  What dishes I’m making, the correct oven temp, how long it cooks, and when to put it in the oven…..When you’re serving a feast, you’ve got to stay organized!

Thanksgiving Printables

First up:  A Thankful Tree

thankful tree printable

Delicious food, friends and family, and actually taking the time to be grateful for all our blessings – this is what Turkey Day means for me.   Life gets busy and rushed and too often we forget to sit and count those wonderful blessings that we’re given.  

This is why I’m doing something different at Thanksgiving this year.   Our “thankful trees”.  Kids, adults, anyone – I bet we’ll be surprised that we need more branches to write out all our blessings!  I want us all to take a moment to just be thankful.  And it’ll be fun to read them years from now and see the blessings from a child’s point of view as well as adults.

And now for something a little less fun, but necessary.

Thanksgiving Meal Planner Prep Sheet

I learned the hard way on this one.  Imagine your whole family is at your house for Thanksgiving.  It’s your first time hosting in your very first house.  You’re a big girl now.  You’re doing the cooking.  Except.  I’d never cooked a turkey.  Ever.  I bought a huge turkey because we had lots of folks.  It cooked.  And cooked.  Then cooked some more.  

And got done finally about the time dessert was long over.  I’d like to say it’s the only time that’s happened to me.  But nope.  Last year.  Christmas Eve.  Not quite as bad, but bad.  No more my friends.  I’ve decided to map out exactly what I’m cooking, how long it takes, what temp it goes on, and exactly what time to put it in the oven so everything (ok most stuff) gets done at the same time.  There will be a cooked turkey on my table along with all of it’s hot and steaming side dish friends.  

And since I want to stay organized, I made this pretty little planner sheet to help.  At least if something goes wrong this year, I can refer back to my “Thankful Tree” and put things back into perspective.

thanksgiving meal planner prep sheet

I’d love to hear some “thankful” stories, cooking mishaps, or anything else you want to share!  And don’t forget to download your own Thankful Tree and Meal Planner Prep Sheet below!

Thankful Tree Download

Thanksgiving Meal Planner Download

free thanksgiving printables

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