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Cleaning Supplies List (that make your life easier!)

Cleaning Supplies List (that make your life easier!)

Everyone loves a clean house and if you are looking to make it just a little easier, check out this cleaning supplies list.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to make it simpler, quicker, or easier.  These cleaning tools will help!

I try to keep up with basic cleaning every day.  I’m one of those people who can’t go to bed or sit and relax when the kitchen is dirty.  So the kitchen gets a decent cleaning daily.  Dishes clean, dishwasher loaded and run, and counters wiped.  

My kids help with the daily chores like straightening the living room, picking up their stuff, and making sure all their laundry is in their baskets.  When it’s time for a good cleaning (which I need to do more of), I’ve found several things I just can’t do without.

The Best Cleaning Supplies to Make Your Life Easier

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This first one is my absolute favorite cleaning tool I’ve ever owned.  We bought one when we moved in our house several years ago and we’ve replaced the battery once.  However, it recently died.  

And to tell you what a life saver this thing is, my hubs and kids sent me a video the night it died (since I was working) to mourn its loss.  I didn’t make it three weeks without ordering another.  For this price, it’s worth every penny.  

We have hardwood floors throughout the downstairs and with two kids, us, and a dog (plus neighborhood kids that roam in and out), we just can’t do without it.  Sweeping with a regular broom is for the birds.  Pushing dust around like fairy dust is just not for me.  

So I 100% recommend this thing – after 5 years of using it daily, I’d say it’s earned a gold star around here.  It’s under $100, cordless and keeps a charge long enough for me to vacuum for quite a while. It can get under bar stools and furniture.  It also works perfectly on carpet and rugs without getting all hung up.

Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Vacuum

best cleaning supplies


If you’ve got a little (ok a lot) more change to spare, the Roomba is the way to go.  I don’t have one, but most of my neighborhood peeps do and they can’t stop singing its praises.  From what I hear, once you have this gem, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.    #cleaninggoals #onedayI’llgetaroomba

best cleaning supplies

Swiffer Wet/Dry Mop

I’m a fan of this system because of the ease of use.  It’s super easy for getting up quick spills (although, you won’t be able to mop a whole floor with one wet pad).  The dry pads are amazing for getting dusty floors clean quickly.  I don’t know why, but my house is a dust magnet.  Dust and dog hair gets pulled up by these dry cloths like a champ.  

And if you’ve got pets, you get it. The hair gets everywhere. For more options to get dog hair off floors, check out these amazing dust mops!

Also – who wants to bust out the big mop bucket all the time?  Nope.  This is a time saver for sure.   I will say that I’ve tried a few store brands of the wet pads to try to save a few bucks, but they weren’t as good.  And I’m a big fan of store brands, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

Best cleaning supplies to make your life easier
Method All Purpose Cleaner

This stuff smells amazing and it makes the counters sparkle.  It cleans up grease and grime in the kitchen and also works great for bathroom counters.

Best cleaning supplies

Lysol Wipes

I use these wipes to clean off bathroom counters and toilets when I need a quick 5 minute clean.  Especially after a parade of neighborhood kids have come through my doors!  Quick, easy and smell super clean.

lysol wipes best cleaning supplies

If you have pets, this is a must.  It’s pricey.  $14 or so for a bottle, but we buy this by the gallon and use it to fill up our spray bottle.  It’s that good.  

We have an older “vintage” dog and he’s had a few accidents in the house.  Accidents that require  dragging a 9×12 rug outdoors at 5am kind of accidents.  He’s also had numerous stomach issues which equals lots of vomit.  


But this stuff is amazing.  And not only for pet accidents.  Just last week we had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and my son dumped a meatball dripping with sauce onto the dining room rug.  

Folex to the rescue.  It works better than anything I’ve ever tried in years.  Do yourself a favor and invest in this one.

best cleaning supplies folex


Vinegar has amazing cleaning properties!  Get a cheapo spray bottle and mix about 2:1 ratio with water/vinegar for a more natural approach to cleaning.  I understand that not everyone wants to use chemicals when they clean and this is a perfect solution.  

You can use vinegar for counters, glass, bathroom, pretty much anywhere.  You can even add some drops of your favorite oils to try to change the vinegar smell.  I’ve never done the oil method as I don’t mind the smell of straight vinegar, but that’s completely up to you.

best cleaning supplies vinegar
Microfiber Duster

This is on my list.  We have a similar one and it’s amazing for getting all the cobwebs out of the corners.  And if you don’t think you have cobwebs, turn off all the lights and use a flashlight to peer up into your corners.  Our last power outage, we were all using flashlights, and I had no idea we had that many webs!!!  

It was eye-opening.  Usually, when I’m cleaning, I just think of the surfaces that you touch and are at eye level.  This one will also be great for the ceiling fans too!

best cleaning supplies microfiber duster
Old Socks

Yep – Old socks.  The ones that have long since lost their mates in the wash.  These are my go-to dusting rags.  Slip one on your hand and it makes dusting super-efficient.  You can also invest in some microfiber cloths like these, but old socks will do it just fine.

Magic Eraser

These are magic in a box.  Scratches on tubs, walls, crayons on walls, rust spots in the sink, you name it – these can get it off.  However, one word of caution when using these.  Be careful how hard you scrub these on walls.  Especially on thin builder grade flat paint.  

Our builders did a not so good job of painting our walls (read, super-thin sprayed coat of crappy flat paint).  So when my daughter used a crayon on the walls, my hubs got a little overzealous in his scrubbing with a Magic Eraser and took the paint right off.  

However, we have since repainted all the walls with good quality paint and it cleans up beautifully with a Magic Eraser without taking the paint off.

magic eraser cleaning supplies
Toilet Bowl Cleaner

This is my go to for toilet cleaning.  Mainly because cleaning toilets is one of my absolute least favorite jobs.  Usually we divide up the house cleaning around here and the bathrooms belong to the hubs.  

However, for those times that it’s just been too long in between cleaning and my toilets have that lovely disgusting ring of filth in them, I squirt some of this stuff in there.  

Leave it for 30 minutes or more, then flush.  Done.  No scrubbing required and it works every single time.  I know it’s not an official bathroom cleaning, but at least the ring of filth is gone.  

I’ve used several brands of this and as long as it’s a gel formula that will actually stick to the bowl, you’re good.  Keep one under the sink in each bathroom and your cleaning life just got easier.

This is pretty much what we keep consistently in our house to clean. I do realize that many people choose not to use chemicals in their homes for cleaning and that’s perfectly fine too. There are lots of ways to get a sparkling house without chemicals.

These are just the best cleaning supplies list I could come up with that I know we use consistently.

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Marly @ A Brick Home

Monday 19th of March 2018

Great list, Melissa! I love the idea of old socks. So smart!!


Tuesday 20th of March 2018

Thanks Marly - Old socks are my favorite dusting tools - at least we can get some use out of the lost ones!