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Welcome to the Top 10 Tuesday!

I’m starting a new little series on Tuesdays and it’s a Top 10 list!  Could be DIY, decor, lifestyle, or whatever else seems fun at the moment.  I’m venturing off the DIY path a little this week.  I hope you’ll enjoy!

This week is all about my top 10 favorite things for tailgating!

top 10 tuesday - tailgating essentials Even though it’s still a sweltering 80+ degrees here in Georgia, Fall is on its way!  I love this season – Halloween, pumpkins, turkeys, yummy smelling candles, comfort food – yes to all of it!  And of course – football!!  Fall in Athens, GA means tailgating, friends, delicious food, and good times.  I can’t speak to any other area of the country since I’m from the South and I still live here.  But here in the South – Tailgating is huge.  Huge.  Weddings revolve around home games (and preferably not during football season).  During my son’s birth, UGA was in overtime with Alabama and all eyes were fixed on the TV (except for mine – they were shooting daggers through my hubs).  The day starts super early no matter the kick off time, there are TVs, grills, coolers, and food, food, and more food.  Since we are less than a month out from our first home game here in beautiful Athens, GA, I thought I’d share my Top 10 Favorite Tailgating Supplies.

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Growing up in a college town, attending and graduating from said college and having a family of life long fans pretty much ensures that Saturdays in the fall around here are devoted to football.  And nothing screams football like an amazing tailgate full of old friends, good food, music, and laughter – and of course the actual game!  20+ years of tailgating experience and I’ve found a few favorites I use every year.  We do ours potluck style and everyone contributes and enjoys!

1.  Tents

No tailgate is complete without tents.  There are plenty of sweltering days left here in Georgia and the tents will be your lifesaver on those long days in the sun.  When you drive on campus here on a game day Saturday, it’s a sea of red, black, and white tents, many with the UGA logo.  Get a few for a large crowd and everyone can sit comfortably in the shade.

The perfect 10×10 Tent

top ten tuesday tailgating tent

2.  Chairs

Gotta have chairs to sit outside all day.  Pretty self-explanatory.  One suggestion.  Get the ones with cup holders.  You’re welcome.

This one is on my wish list – Coleman Chair with Cooler

red tailgating chair top ten tailgating essentials

3.  Coolers

When you’re hanging out all day, you’re going to get thirsty.  Whatever your drink of choice is, you need a cooler to keep it cold.  The cooler biz has exploded lately with super fancy options like this one:

top ten tailgating needs yeti cooler

Or a much more affordable option like this one:

top ten tailgate ideas coleman cooler


4.  Tables

If you’ve been to a tailgate before, you’ve probably seen the massive amount of food that is available.  Gone are the days when I was 9 or 10 years old and my Papa took me to a Georgia game.  We arrived about an hour early, grabbed a hot dog from the Tate center and some boiled peanuts and then found our seats.  Not anymore my foam finger waving friend.   If it’s a late game, there will likely be two meals.  One of which will always include a Chick-Fil-A nugget tray.  Oh man.  The nugget tray.  It’s a staple here.  But, you need room for the rest of the day’s food.  Sides, desserts, chips, main course, and not to mention the utensils and napkins.  We use several of the fold out tables like this one:

tailgate supplies top ten folding 6 foot table
Get a team themed tablecloth and you’re all set!

And let’s just talk about the food a bit more shall we?  For our setup we have a generator so we are able to have electricity.  When you are keeping food warm all day, you need electricity.

5.  Here’s my food fave of all time:

This Crockpot!  – I’ve made countless baked beans, sausage/rotel dip, lil’ smokies……and more. It’s pretty much guaranteed that this crockpot goes to every tailgate I do. I guess you could say it’s been my +1 before!

tailgating top ten fall crockpot

And here’s a total random bonus – If you’ve never made sausage dip before – do yourself and your tailgate a favor.  Make it – it’ll be the hit of the day.  

  • One pound each of sausage and ground beef – cook first and then drain.
  • The big huge block of Velveeta cheese or something similar – cut into squares.
  • Pace Picante sauce – large bottle
  • Can of cream of mushroom soup (I leave this out, but I’ve seen variations that add it)
  • Throw it all together (after you cook and drain the meat) – add to the crockpot, put on low and stir every now and then.  In about 2 hours it’ll be perfect.  And delicious.  And definitely not diet friendly.  So this is a tailgate treat for us.  There’s no other time of year I make it.  Grab some tortilla chips for dipping and it’ll be a crowd favorite.  

6.  Handwarmers

Towards the end of the season, we are usually guaranteed a very chilly day. Nothing is more miserable that sitting outside all day with cold hands and feet. Save your extremities peeps – get some of these:

Hand Warmers

top ten tuesday hand warmers

7. Blanket

If it’s cold, handwarmers aren’t quite enough.  Grab a cozy throw that you can take with you and preferably one that is machine washable.  We don’t have many cold games, but when we do, I always appreciate a good throw like this one!

cozy throw for top ten tailgating staples

8.  Cornhole Boards

These are a staple at our tailgate too.  It keeps the kids and adults entertained!  Don’t let the men take over though and get fiercely competitive!

tailgating staples top ten tuesday cornhole boards


9.  Toilet Paper

I know, I know.  Sounds nuts.  But just imagine.  You’re outside all day with a small crowd of 92,000 and some porta johns.  If you’re a lucky male and there are secluded woods nearby, then you don’t have to visit said porta johns.  But, if you’re not the going outside kinda person or you’re female, chances are, you are going to have to go at some point.  And once you wait in line, and go inside said sweltering facilities, if there is no TP, you are out of luck.  Bring your own.  It always goes in my bag.  Always.

10.  And the most important – Hand sanitizer

See #9.  Porta john = hand sanitizer.  Enough said.  You’ll need it.

And one bonus for Top Ten Tuesday!

11.  A Portable Grill!

Because you can’t grill all those burgers and dogs without a grill.  Our “tailgate crew” has had the same grill for years and it’s been amazing and seen us through many years of tailgate food.  We have an older model of this one, but of course, in red!

portable coleman grill top ten tailgate needs



I know football isn’t for everyone, but it’s one of my favorite things about living in Georgia.  Tailgating and football have brought me so many fun memories and happy times!

And that’s it for the first Top 10 Tuesday! Next week, I’ll get back to my norm of DIY and decor. Do you have any requests for a Top 10 list? I’d love to know!

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    1. I agree 100% Sharon! It’s so overwhelming and fun. It’s worth the traffic and the crowds for sure. And you are correct – I remember sitting in my car one Tech game with the seat warmers on for a few minutes at a time just to thaw out! Thanks so much for following along!

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