Affordable Trays and Baskets

If things in my house have a designated space, it helps to keep me sane during the craziness of life!  There are so many uses for baskets and trays that will help to simplify your home.   Use them in the pantry, the closet, craft rooms, playrooms – pretty much anywhere.  Check out these affordable trays and baskets.

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Affordable Trays and Baskets

This distressed tray from Amazon is super cool – It reminds me of something I would find in an antique store!  And if you know me, you know that’s right up my alley!

Tin tray under $25 from amazon

And look at this galvanized beauty! Less than $20!!
Top 10 trays and baskets under $25

This one is a set of 2!!

Trays and baskets for less than $25

Marble and Gold for less than $25!

Marble and gold tray top 10 trays and baskets

And check out this wooden tray for $6.99! You can customize this one any way you like!

10 trays and baskets

These would be perfect for bathroom storage!  And you get 3 for less than $25!
Set of 3 woven baskets top 10 baskets and trays less than $25

This one is full of potential! Laundry, toys, pillows….
top 10 baskets and trays for less than $25

These stacking baskets are perfect for the pantry! And you can get 3 for less than $25!
baskets and trays for stacking top 10 trays and baskets

Look at the copper details on the handles of this one!
Top 10 trays and baskets milk crate style

This XXL storage basket would be perfect for any room in the house!
top 10 trays and baskets xxl storage basket

There are endless uses for trays and baskets in the house. I use baskets in the closet for organizing, the pantry for keeping snacks together, under cabinets to keep cleaning products organized – the list goes on and on. I have trays on the coffee table for keeping up with remotes or magazines, on my desk for important papers, and of course, I use them for decorating!

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