Only needs to be repotted every 2 years

Loves indirect sunlight

Will develop signature holes in the leaves

Snake plant

Also called Mother in Law's Tongue

Can handle low light conditions

Thrives even with neglect

jade plant

Beautiful succulents that thrive indoors

Prefers succulent or cacti potting soil

6+ hours of sunlight per day

ponytail palm

Plant the dome shaped bulb above the soil line

Prefers a mixture of potting soil and perlite

Careful not to overwater to avoid root rot

christmas cactus

Blooms around Christmas time

Loves temps between 60 and 70 degrees

Prefers bright filtered light

zz plant

Can be toxic to pets and children

Loves humidity and well drained soil

Can thrive on low watering and low light


Most common bloom color is orange

Loves cooler winter temperatures

Requires more care than some other indoor plants


Can go about 3 weeks in between watering

Place in direct sunlight

Aloe gel can be used for minor burns

Fiddle leaf fig

Can grow up to 6 feet tall

Prefers humidity to thrive

Can be toxic to pets

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