How to Grow Loropetalums

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Loropetalum shrubs are incredibly popular evergreen shrubs that thrive in Zones 7-10.

 Here’s what you need to know about growing Loropetalum shrubs and why you shouldn’t overlook this shrub for your landscaping.

Loropetalums are evergreen meaning they don't lose their leaves in the winter.  They have purple foliage year round and bright pink blooms in the Spring.

Loropetalums can grow anywhere between 1 and 15 feet tall depending on the variety.

You can grow these in sun or shade, but may get more vibrant, fringy pink blooms in full sun.

They make excellent privacy shrubs and they grow quickly!  They grow 1-2 feet per year

Loropetalums look gorgeous paired with bright green and dark green shrubs for contrast.

You can prune them or let them grow a little wilder if you prefer. They look great either way.

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