Zero Cost Pantry Organization

Welcome to Week 3 of the 8 Week Declutter Challenge! If you’re just joining in, I’m happy you’ve decided it’s time to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff that is just collecting dust in your house. We aren’t making over rooms or spending money – simply challenging ourselves to declutter. And this week is all about a zero cost pantry organization!

8 weeks to a clutter free house

So far, I started with areas in my house that wouldn’t take too much time or effort since I’m in the middle of the $100 Room Challenge Playroom Makeover. I knew the playroom was going to be a major declutter challenge, so I started with areas that would only take me a few hours.  Catch up here if you want to see the declutter progress so far:

Week 1:  Master Bedroom Closet

Week 2:  Kids Bedrooms

And definitely join in if you’re sick of all the junk taking up space in your house that you don’t need!  You can catch up anytime – it’s good to have a plan and you can start anytime!

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And this week’s focus:

Zero Cost Pantry Organization

I’ll be completely honest.  I attempted the whole bins/boxes for different snacks, food things, whatever it is, but we just didn’t use it.  We pretty much only shop for one week since we make a meal plan.  Plus my baking skills are pretty sad so there’s not a lot going on in that area.  I guess there’s just not a lot of surplus that needs it’s own boxes or bins.  However, I’ve seen some very cool ideas involving dollar store bins that make my organizing heart happy.  We just don’t need it here.  I do cook and I enjoy it, but we don’t keep a whole lot of extra stuff on hand.  Thank goodness for my sweet neighbor who pretty much has anything you could need when cooking.  I’ve messed up on the weekly list before and never fail, she always has it.  So thanks BFF!

However, what my pantry did need was some serious organization and decluttering.  And I didn’t want to spend a dime since my money is going to the playroom right now.  It’s a good sized pantry which is fabulous but it has also become kind of a dumping ground for things.  Here’s looking at you paint spray shelter.  Seriously, why is there a spray shelter in my pantry?  Are we going to eat it one day?  Hopefully not.  But,  it’s been there for 2 years since I got it and it never made it’s way to the garage.  Who does that?  This girl.  Tools, cleaning stuff, school stuff, and whatever other random item I could shove in there.  Not to mention lots of outdated food items.  Don’t judge.  Do you not keep beef bouillon cubes from 2015 in your pantry?

Messy Before:

declutter pantry organization declutter pantry organization

And like all the other organizing and decluttering projects, I’m taking everything out if possible.  So I took eleventy billion trips from the pantry to the kitchen and laid it all out.  And here’s what I have:

declutter pantry organization declutter pantry organization declutter pantry organization

I checked the dates on everything (since, you know beef cubes circa 2015) and tossed all the junk.  Sorry powdered sugar that’s likely been in there since the beginning of time, rice from 3 years ago when the dog was sick, and all your other outdated friends, but it’s time to go.  I filled up a trash bag of stuff that was either half used, expired, or just random junk that never should’ve been in there in the first place.  And the bags of Halloween candy that were sitting on the floor – those went too.  And the Atlas (I’m showing my age here!!) that has been in here for eons is gone.  Can someone please explain why on earth I had an Atlas in the pantry?  Why?  Google maps has been my go to for directions for years.  Why did this map make the move to our new house 5 years ago and take up residence in the pantry???  See ya Atlas – you’re outta here too.


And now it was time for the pantry organization.  I didn’t have much of a system.  Just tried to keep all the like minded friends together.  Canned goods, snacks, cereal, sandwich stuff, plastic ware, and others.  We seriously are pretty boring with our meal plans so we generally have the same stuff in the pantry all the time.  At least I know exactly where the pancake mix is supposed to be when I go looking.

And again, this isn’t a life changing makeover.  The whole point of this 8 Week Declutter Challenge is simply to get rid of the stuff that is taking up space and that we don’t use.

declutter pantry organization declutter pantry organization

Nothing life changing – just getting rid of junk.  And now everyone knows when we are out of cookies, because they know where they go!  And I promise we don’t just eat processed junk – there’s plenty of fruits and veggies in my fridge.

It’s so much neater and there’s not junk that doesn’t belong – yep – talking about you, Atlas and paint shelter!  One day I hope to do a pantry makeover with paint and new pretty shelves, but for now, it’s neat and organized and that’s good enough!  You don’t have to spend money or renovate a space to make your home better for you and your family.  Sometimes all you need is to clear out the junk!

zero cost pantry organization

Thanks so much for stopping by Brown Dog Vintage and don’t forget to come back next week for Week 4 of the Declutter Challenge!  And I’d love to see if you’ve done any decluttering – email me or comment below!


4 thoughts on “Zero Cost Pantry Organization”

  1. Sounds like you may have been living in your pantry. 😛 Doing projects, looking for places to travel all while snacking. Maybe a little quiet time. Hmmm. I may have to go check out my pantry! Great job on keeping up on everything you are doing!

    1. Ha Debbie! Your comment just made me laugh and it’s so true! What on earth was all that random stuff doing in there? It’s so easy just to shove stuff in a corner (or a pantry). Goals for 2018 – keep the paint shelters and the Atlas out of the pantry!

  2. Wow Melissa! The before and after are amazing! I will say, an Atlas!!!! Lol. Not gonna lie, I love a good map. In fact one that takes me south right now would be great. Lol. It looks really good. I am jealous and you should come do mine sometime!

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