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What Mom Really wants for Mother's Day

What Moms of Young Children Really Want For Mother’s Day

Motherhood is the most precious and amazing gift in the world.  There’s nothing like it.  Whether you birthed kids, adopted kids, or whatever your circumstances may be – it’s amazing.  Kids are beautiful little people that make your heart feel things you’ve never felt before.  It’s unreal.  Unlike any other feeling in the world.  So what does Mom really want for Mother’s Day?  The day that celebrates her greatest gift on the planet.  Especially moms of young childrenIt’s not what you think, I promise. 

Getting Fit at 40

Getting Fit at 40 – 5 Habits to Help You Succeed

Ah, 40.  I remember thinking when I was a kid that 40 was practically a dinosaur.  I have very young parents (as in mom was 21 when I was born) so they were always the young parents.  And I remember seeing other parents in their 40s and thinking, wow, that’s pretty old!  And then I turned 40.  All that thinking changed.  I’m not a dinosaur for sure.  I waited until my 30s to have kids and I feel like I have a lot of life left in this old bod.  I decided getting fit at 40 was going to be my new goal.

Mom Guilt – What My Kids are Teaching Me

Parenting.  It’s a job that doesn’t come with an employee handbook, pay, sick leave, or rules.  My kids think it’s funny when I tell them that parenting is the most important job I’ll ever have.  They don’t see it as a job.  Not only is it the most important, but also the best.  So how is it that the people I’m supposed to be teaching end up teaching me?  Read on for lessons I’m learning about “Mom Guilt”.

Dear Fortnite Creators

So this is a random post, but it’s on my mind.  If you don’t have kids or even adults in the house that know what that title, Fortnite Creators, means, you’ll probably skip right over this one.  But.  If you’re one of us:  a fellow Fortnite mom/dad/sibling/roommate/spouse – whoever you may be, you know exactly what that title is in reference to.   …

Cheap and Easy Adult Acne Treatment

So, adult acne.  Yuck.  I did this stuff already.  In 7th grade.  I’m in my 40s now so it should be buried in those Junior High yearbooks.  But for whatever reason, the skin fairies decided to bring it back and it was completely different from the tiny pimples of my fabulous 13-year-old skin.  In the years after I turned 30 (which coincides with having babies), these pimples decided to grow up too.  And they became volcanos compared to their tiny red dot friends of years past.  

8 Ways to Get Your Summer Body

I guess truthfully this title should be “Ways to get your body healthier for the whole year”. But, summer is approaching at record speed and the truth is most of us aren’t ready to shed the clothes and hop into a bathing suit. Health and fitness is definitely a lifestyle change that lasts 12 months a year. But what do you do if you aren’t ready for pool time in front of actual people!  If you’re sweating out those days coming up, check out these 8 quick ways to get your body ready for summer!

10 Cheap Summer Bucket List Ideas for Families

Ahhh summer.  The endless days of sun and fun, drinks by the pool, and fantastic vacations.  Or is it actually kids that are screaming “I’m bored” two weeks after school gets out and suddenly realizing how grateful you are that the school managed to actually feed your children lunch every day?    I’ve got a great list of cheap summer bucket list ideas to save you from the “I’m bored’s” and the “why aren’t we at Disney World like the neighbors”.