diy halloween costumes

21 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for a Spooktacular Night

Halloween is a time that can be considered an open invitation to dress the way you want. Anything, anyone you like. So, of course, Halloween can be classified as one of the top favorite holidays of the year’s calendar. Not to mention free candy! If you’re stuck looking for a costume, maybe a DIY Halloween costume is the way to go!

Cheap Fall Decor – Insanely Affordable Deals You’ll Love!

It’s that time of year – pumpkins, hot coffee, football, and cooler temps are coming.  I’m always hesitant to let go of summer, but once fall arrives, I’m all about it.  But, I definitely don’t have a “fall decor” budget each year, so I’ve got to be thrifty if I want anything.  I’ve got some great cheap fall decor and all great deals you’ll love!  

6 Insanely Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

I finally used up all of my old paper I’ve been hoarding for years, so this year I added a few new Christmas gift wrapping ideas to the mix!  I’m one of those that buys paper and bows on clearance and then use them the next year.  There’s usually no “theme” and it’s a hodgepodge of paper.  Nothing wrong with that!    But check out what I did this year!

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

My kids are 11 and 8 and over the years, we’ve tried to find a simple project or two that we can make at Christmas.  What I’ve learned is if it’s too complicated, we all get frustrated and it’s not exactly the “family fun day” I envisioned.  But, I’ve got a few for you today that won’t make you curse the day Pinterest came into existence!  Check out these easy Christmas crafts for kids you can make this year!