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21 Amazing DIY Christmas Ornaments

If you need a fun craft this Christmas season, why not make a few DIY Christmas Ornaments? This can be an easy way to repurpose materials, have a crafting party, make ornaments with the kids, or just have some calming crafty time amidst the chaos of Christmas.

DIY Christmas ornaments are a perfect way to change up your decor a bit each season without breaking your budget. So many of these options can be used from crafting supplies you might already have or are very budget friendly options from a hobby or craft store.

Crafting Supplies and Tools for Making Ornaments

Now that you have a good idea of some crafty supplies to keep on hand, let’s get to the DIY Ornaments! There are so many options on this list from some super talented bloggers.

There are options for all skill levels, some that kids can make on their own, crafts to do with kids, and more detailed ones using paint or lettering. Whatever you choose, it’ll be amazing because it’s handmade by you!

And don’t forget to check out part 2 of these crafty homemade ornaments here! There were so many, I broke it up into 2 posts.

DIY Christmas Ornaments

You can use these as gifts, a yearly tradition to make with the family, gift toppers, or add to your decor. DIY Christmas ornaments are also perfect if you want a small themed tree.

I use my DIY rustic ornaments on a tiny tree in our dining room and it’s such a simple way to add more festive vibes throughout your house without spending a ton of money.

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