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Painting Wallpaper – How To Do It Right!

Ah wallpaper!  It’s making a comeback this year for sure, but it looks nothing like the craze from years ago.  Today’s choices are gorgeous and who knows – maybe in 20 years, those will look horribly dated too.  Isn’t that how trends work?  But, what if you’re stuck with wallpaper that’s been on the walls for decades?  Instead of ripping it off and creating a disastrous mess,  why not try painting wallpaper?

diy halloween costumes

21 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for a Spooktacular Night

Halloween is a time that can be considered an open invitation to dress the way you want. Anything, anyone you like. So, of course, Halloween can be classified as one of the top favorite holidays of the year’s calendar. Not to mention free candy! If you’re stuck looking for a costume, maybe a DIY Halloween costume is the way to go!