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Refinished Curio Cabinets and China Cabinets

If you have an old cabinet that just isn’t quite your style and you need some inspiration for painting or refinishing, this post is for you. Sometimes we just don’t love a piece in its original form, but it has major function or we can’t afford to replace it. Paint is the most amazing and affordable tool. Check out these refinished curio cabinets and china cabinets for ideas!

Now I know refinishing old wood isn’t popular with everyone. But it’s your house and your furniture. I believe in decorating our homes the way that works best for us. And if painted wood keeps a piece out of the landfill and functioning for you, then paint away!

I’ve painted several pieces of old wood over the years and honestly, I’ve never regretted it. There are plenty of pieces in my house that I love the wood look as well. But sometimes it just doesn’t work for us and that’s ok!

One of my favorite pieces in my house is this moody green sideboard that we transformed from traditional to a more modern style. I caught a lot of heat from people about that one – “it’s ugly, I ruined it, it was better before”, etc.

But, if I didn’t like it and wouldn’t use it as is, what’s wrong with changing it? It’s a solid piece and offers amazing storage for us. It goes perfectly with our furniture and I love it.

A few benefits to refinishing old furniture include:

  • You can update to fit your style and decor
  • Painting will often cover smells from old furniture – for more tips on how to get rid of smells – check this out.
  • Paint is an affordable way to update your home and costs far less than buying new
  • You can still use that great, quality made piece instead of trashing or donating it.

So if you’re looking for ideas, here ya go!

Refinished Curio Cabinets and China Cabinets

Refinished Curio Cabinet

This is one of the most special projects I’ve ever done. A sweet friend of mine had this cabinet passed down to her from her mother who had recently passed.

But, she didn’t love it. The old wood look doesn’t suit her style at all and she wanted a fresher look for the piece. She is using it to store her mother’s ashes and other special items and it needs to match her decor style.

We went back and forth a few times about color and finally settled on white and it turned out beautifully. She was so pleased with the look and she gets to keep a family heirloom for many years to come.

Refinished Curio Cabinets and China Cabinets

I hope this gives you some inspiration and creative ideas. Just because a piece is old or not your style, doesn’t mean it can’t be transformed into something beautiful that you’ll love for years to come.

And if you’ve got a transformation, I’d love to see it!

Collage of refinished curio and china cabinets