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Thanks so much for joining me at Create and Find

I’m a busy mom with a husband, two kids, a job, and this blog!  Life can get overwhelming when you’re trying to do all the things!  

Let’s face it – trying to keep the house clean, raise good kids, save enough money, get or stay out of debt, and keeping everyone fed without breaking the budget can almost make you lose your mind sometimes.  

I’m here to help you with practical tips for creating a home you love and controlling your finances.  Because life isn’t about drowning in debt to have all the “stuff”.  Stuff doesn’t equal happiness and often can lead to pure unhappiness.  Especially if you wake up one day and realize that you have nothing to show for years of work, zero savings, and piles of debt.  

It’s possible to create a home you love on a budget.  I’ve got tons of budget-friendly decorating ideas, as well as DIY projects that will save you thousands.

And if you’re new to the idea of controlling your money instead of letting it control you, I’m here to help.  Beginner budgeting ideas, tips on saving money, teaching kids about money, and more ways that you can finally take charge of your financial future.  

A little about me:

  • My degree is in pharmacy, so this blog was way out of my comfort zone
  • I’ve got two kids at home and I’m definitely not the “fun” parent
  • I like doing projects to an extent.  Once we complete a big project, it’s a while before I want to pick up a paintbrush again. 
  • If I don’t have coffee in the morning, I’m not very pleasant.  And I didn’t even start drinking coffee until a few years ago. 
  • It’s hard for me to be idle.  I’m always doing something. 
  • I’m very frugal (or cheap if you prefer).  I like finding ways to save money and I’m kind of a dork about it.  I like spreadsheets and lists.   

Here’s a little sample of what you can find here:

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And this is what makes me the happiest:  Me and my peeps.  They make my world happy.

Ideas for posts – send them to me at melissa@createandfind.com