About Create and Find

Thanks so much for joining me at Create and Find.  This is a blog about creating a life you love and finding what makes you happy.  A little DIY, decor, family fun ideas, budgeting, food ideas, and more.

Why did I start this blog?

I have a home decor and DIY blog that I started last year.  However, I’ve found over the last year and a few months of blogging that I enjoy writing about different subjects.  And I found that more and more, I’ve been searching for what really makes me happy in life.  I’m married to a saint of a guy that puts up with all my “new ideas”.  We have two children together and a big goofy dog.  Since I turned 40 last year, I decided that was my year to start something new.   So my first blog was “born”.  And I still love writing about home and DIY, but I want to branch out.  So here we are.  Branching out.  Finding ways to create a life I love and find what makes me happy.  Here’s hoping you can do the same!

And this is what makes me the happiest:  Me and my peeps.  They make my world happy.

Ideas for posts – send them to me at melissa@createandfind.com