DIY Swing Set – How to Easily Build Your Own

My kids are 11 and 8 and the time has come that they’ve outgrown their playset. But, they still love to be outside and they love swings.  So we made a bigger, but simple DIY swing set that’ll be used for years to come.

This DIY Swing Set is the perfect addition to your backyard and will give you and the kiddos hours of enjoyment. With easy to find supplies and a bit of manual labor, you’ll have your own swing set in no time.

The good part about this DIY is we sold our old playset and used that money for the DIY Swing Set so we didn’t have to come out of pocket for much cash. If you are starting from scratch, expect to spend around $300-400 or so depending on lumber prices and swing prices.

$300 isn’t exactly chump change, but if you compare it to what you can buy, it’s a great deal considering that my kids are older.  I want something that I can swing on as well, so we needed a taller and wider set than what you can buy typically.  

Part of the big expense is the brackets for the wood.  You don’t have to use these brackets but we used them in our playset previously and love the stability they add.

You’ll need help because lumber this long is heavy and awkward when it comes time to put it together.  

Lumber Supplies Used for our Swing Set:

  • The top beam is 4x6x12 pressure-treated lumber. It’s super heavy so be prepared.
  • Each leg is a 4x4x10 – you’ll need 4
  • The middle braces are 2x6x8 and you will need two and you can cut them down to size.
  • All our lumber is pressure treated and came from Lowes
DIY Swing set measurements

DIY Swing Set Instructions and Materials

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Swing Materials for DIY Swing Set

Helpful Tips for a DIY Swing Set

  • When drilling the holes into the top beam to attach the swing hangers, it can be difficult to keep the drill straight.  The beam is 6 inches thick so you need a long drill bit.  My husband attached two small scrap boards together to make a guide for the bit.  It worked perfectly and kept it from going in all crazy!
showing drilling for swing set hangers
  • When attaching the brackets to each end of the top beam, use a scrap board to rest up against the bracket and then tap it with a rubber mallet.  This way you don’t damage the bracket.  Pre-drill holes for each lag screw and then screw them in.  
  • Attaching the swing hangers – We used a 5/16″ bit to drill holes to fit the 3/8″ bolts we used for the three swing hangers.  It turned out to be a bit tight to get the bolts in.  He tried drilling again with a corded drill but it just stuck.  He ended up using a mallet to push them in the rest of the way.  In hindsight, he said he should’ve used a larger bit.  You drill in through the bottom and then attach the nut to the bolt on top of the beam.
  • The swing and the trapeze bar are 18″ center to center of each hanger and the platform swing mat is 32″ center to center for the hangers but this may depend on what type of swings you get. 
  • And it’s a perfect learning experience for older kids too – show them how to do things!  It takes a bit longer, but they can learn some valuable skills along the way!
  • Bring the large beam to the location of your playset if it isn’t there already – you don’t want to have to move it a long distance after the legs are attached.  
  • Attach the legs and screw them in place.  The green brackets that each leg goes into had bolts with it.  We tightened the bolts so they wouldn’t slip out when we stood it up but waited until it was all upright and level to finish tightening. 
Building a DIY Swing Set
  • You’ll need help lifting this thing up.  The easiest way is to attach the legs to each bracket, then get help and stand it up.  It’s not an easy job.  We only had myself, my husband, and my son, and had to attach one side of the legs, then rest the top beam on top of a ladder (with my husband holding it steady).  I don’t recommend this though.  It was virtually impossible to get the legs into the other brackets while it was balanced on the ladder.  (we made sure to give ourselves room in case it fell, but it was pretty sturdy on top of the ladder).  So just attach the legs on the ground, then lift it up with lots of strong peeps!
  • Then add a 2×6 (cut to the proper length) in the middle of each leg for added stability.  We bought 8 feet boards and then cut them to fit and attached them with 3″ screws.
diy swing set 2x6
  • Add the anchors to each leg and secure it in the ground.  This set is 12 feet wide and the legs are 10 feet high so it needs to be stabilized.  The swings go pretty high and so far there’s no swaying or unsteadiness.  
  • Add your swings and enjoy it!
  • Wait for the wood to dry out – I let ours sit for two weeks, and then stained it using an exterior grade stain like this one.  I’ve used Cabot brand before and love it. The swings attach to the hangers with carabiners so I just quickly removed them when I stained so they didn’t get messy. 
How to build a DIY Swing Set

Choosing Swings

For our DIY Swing Set, we let the kids choose what they wanted.  It works perfectly because more than one person can use the platform swing.  

  • Platform Swing – the exact one we got is out of stock, but this one is very similar. It holds up to 600 pounds!  There’s plenty of room for adults and children and it goes high!  I’d say this one gets the most use so far.  It comes with everything you need to assemble and hang.
  • Swing – This is rated up to 300 pounds and has the soft plastic coating on the chains so it won’t pinch fingers. We chose swings with long 66″ chains, but if yours aren’t long enough, you can add chain with carabiners.
  • Trapeze Swing Bar/Rings – This was a request from my 8-year-old daughter who loves flipping over this thing and hanging upside down.  It also has the same plastic coated chains.  They don’t get hot in the blazing sun and don’t pinch fingers.  

My kids love this DIY Swing Set and so do we!  It’s only been up for a few weeks and it gets daily use.  I compared what we could’ve bought for the same money and it wasn’t much. 

The swing sets I found online in that price range were not as tall or sturdy as this one and were intended more for smaller children.  My 11-year-old son is nearly as big as me already so I wanted something we could all feel secure on.  This is perfect!  

Update One Year Later – Everything about this DIY Swing Set is still perfect!  They love it – we love it and it still gets used all the time.  It’s one of our best projects to date!

And if you’re looking for an outdoor project idea to build a playset, don’t miss this incredible tutorial from Erin at The DIY Nuts. She has start to finish instructions and materials needed for building a children’s playset – Check it out here!

And here’s a finished swing set from Heather who built theirs using the tutorial with a few modifications – they did an amazing job!

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DIY Swing set

24 thoughts on “DIY Swing Set – How to Easily Build Your Own”

  1. This is awesome! I finally received all the materials to start on it. What size bolts or screws did you use to connect the 2×6 and how apart are the swing hangers for the platform swing?

    1. Hey Mayra! So excited for you! I’m going to update the post in just a bit with that info. I can’t believe I left it out. I’ll also email you so you’ll have it. Thanks!

  2. What chains did you use to lower the swings? We just built this over the weekend. Perfect except the swings are too high! Lol.

    1. Hey Laura – I sent you an email response, but just in case you didn’t get it here’s what we did. Apparently they have different options for chains on the swings and my husband said he ordered long ones that didn’t need extensions. But if we did, you could add the extra chain and attach it with carabiners. That should work. Hope this helps!

    2. Hi Laura

      Im just curious what is the length of the chain on the swing seats you bought. When I look online for swings it gives me different chain lengths

    1. We didn’t have to cut the bottom of the legs because we were putting our set on dirt and it would settle out just fine. If we had put it on concrete, we would’ve cut the legs at an angle. Thanks for asking!

  3. Susan Leibler

    Can I purchase some sort of a step-by-step instruction guide from you? This swing set would be for ME, just one adult – we used to have a swing set that was standing on telephone poles! and it was SO much fun. (We didn’t built it; it was standing behind a house we purchased.)
    Or do you know measurements for a taller stand?

    1. A swing set on telephone poles sound pretty amazing! And the one we built can be used by adults too. You would only need to hang the swings higher if necessary. These swings go pretty darn high as is.

      But I’ll certainly look into it and let you know if I come across anything taller. Thanks for reaching out!

  4. Where did you get your swing hangers from? I see the affiliate link says like $65 a set. Did you get three of those? Just asking as the ones online aren’t green either.
    Thank you,

  5. Do you know how deep the legs span is front to back? [when measured at the bottom of the leg beams] Trying to see about placement in our yard, and need to know how “deep” the swingset will be.

  6. Thanks for such a detailed post on this.
    We are planning to do 2 swings instead of the 3, what would be the suggested width of the structure. I dont think we’d need the 12ft beam, would 8ft suffice?

    Also, if we go 4x4x8 would that make more structural sense with the 8ft width?

    All my parts are in order, need to pick up lumber this weekend, cant wait for the kids to enjoy.


  7. Building this for my grandchrilden. Would you please provide the measurements (spacing) between for all the hanging hardware for hole placement? This should also include measurements from leg bracket hardware to the first swing, and/or platform swing. In addition, please describe how you secured the swingset legs to the ground?
    No, I don’t own a bakery, just love to bake. Thanks

  8. Hi Melissa, Thank you SO much for posting this and for sharing ALL the details, including exactly what to buy, where to buy it, and what to do!!! We actually have 2 kids in college and 2 in high school, but we enjoy having other families over (with kids of all ages), and we love our backyard! We had a trampoline for several years, but it finally broke down. So, with some input from our teens and other neighbor kids, this is exactly the kind of thing that everyone wanted! My husband and I, and our young adults/teens are glad we’ll be able to enjoy them, too!! So, we appreciate you posting this!!

    1. Hi Susan!

      This is so sweet to hear – thanks for the amazing compliments. I can’t tell you how much we’ve used this swingset. I’ve had many conversations with my kiddos out there and look forward to many more.

      I hope your family and friends enjoy them just as much.

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