$100 DIY Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Welcome to the final week of the $100 Room Challenge Makeover!  I’m participating in an amazing challenge started by Erin from Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry and we are in the final week!!  The reveal!!  I’m always excited when I see before and after pics and I’ve got a few of those for you today.  In case you missed it, I took on a big task of a DIY kitchen makeover.   Complete DIY, because we all know you can’t hire out painting kitchen cabinets for a $100 budget.  Come see what my kitchen looked like at the beginning of the challenge and what it looks like after several weeks of DIY efforts!

Thrifty DIY Kitchen Makeover Reveal!

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A DIY kitchen makeover for $100 - change the whole look of your kitchen with paint! #createandfind #diyprojects #kitchenmakeovers #paintingcabinets

If you want to catch up, here are the links to the other weeks of the challenge: 

Week 1Week 2, and Week 3

I actually completed most of the painting in 2 weeks, but I had several touch-ups to do this past week.  One big tip I shared during Week 3 is to sand between coats of primer/paint.  I skipped this step on the lower cabinet doors when spraying, and after seeing the difference it makes, I decided to redo those.  So I’m glad I was ahead of schedule because this would’ve put me behind.

And if you’re looking for the condensed version without going through all four weeks of my ordeal – check out this post on How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets – it’s an easy, step by step tutorial of what you need to do to paint your cabinets!

thrifty diy kitchen cabinet makeover painting cabinets

Week 4

Day 1:  I spent most of this day re-hanging the upper cabinet doors.  This is more challenging than the lowers.  For starters, you are either standing on the counters or using a ladder – there’s not a whole lot to balance the doors on while trying to get them attached.  It probably took me twice as long to hang the upper doors.

Day 2:  I did all the touch-up painting inside today.  One thing I learned from using a paint sprayer is it’s a little difficult to get the edges of the doors.  Or maybe it was just my technique.  So I used a small one-inch brush and touched up the edges of each door and drawer.

 Another big task for today is re-spraying the lower doors.  There was such a noticeable difference in the finish of the paint between the uppers and lowers.  This was totally due to not sanding between coats of primer and paint.  I’ll say it again – Do not skip this step.  You’ll be so much more pleased with the outcome if you take the extra time to sand.  So off with the lower doors, out into the garage, sand them, wipe them down, and spray with a coat of paint.

Day 3:  Nothing – work and early birthday celebrations for my sweet boy are taking a fun priority today!

Day 4:  Rehang the lower cabinet doors.  Give your paint at least 24-48 hours to cure before you start handling them much. I also touched up the edges that didn’t get enough paint when spraying.

Day 5:  Nothing – my house was mad chaos with my son’s birthday party!  Thankfully my cabinets held up with the madness!

Day 6: Cleaning

Day 7: Final decorating touches

Budget Breakdown

Something I forgot to include in week 3 was another bottle of mineral spirits!  I ran out of primer, and that’s one thing about a paint sprayer.  If you aren’t using it for about 30 minutes, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly.   I used the last of my mineral spirits and had to get a whole new bottle.  So that’s the end of my budget!  I thought I had $12 left, but nope!  $0.00 left!

Here’s a final breakdown:

  • $40  – Paint
  • $12 –  Mineral Spirits
  • $10 –  Brush
  • $12 –  4″ Foam Rollers
  • $6  –   Paint Trays
  • $8  –   Primer
  • $2  –   Outlet/Outlet Cover
  • $10 –  Chemical Odor Respirator Masks

TOTAL $100!

Since I’m out of money, I shopped my house for the rest.  I had some clearance Target rugs that I was planning to use in the guest bathroom, but I stole those for the kitchen when I realized I was out of money!  I moved around some decor, and did some major cleaning of the appliances (which will get a post of its own since it made such a big difference).  So on with the reveal!


thrifty diy kitchen makeover
And After!

thrifty diy kitchen makeover

$100 thrifty diy kitchen makeover

thrifty diy kitchen makeover

$100 diy thrifty kitchen makeover

diy thrifty kitchen cabinet makeover
diy thrifty kitchen cabinet makeover

diy thrifty kitchen $100 room makeover

diy thrifty kitchen makeover

What a change for $100 and some major DIY effort! However, if you consider the cost comparison of hiring a professional to complete this project, it’s an overwhelming savings and well worth the effort.

Thanks so much for joining my DIY kitchen makeover in the $100 Room Challenge.  It’s been so much fun checking out all the other talented bloggers and some serious DIY skills!  Definitely check out the links below for some major inspiration!

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

For a list of my Top 10 favorite painting supplies for kitchen cabinets – check out this post – click here!

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DIY Kitchen makeover - Painting kitchen cabinets for less than $100
DIY kitchen cabinet makeover painting cabinets white

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37 thoughts on “$100 DIY Kitchen Cabinet Makeover”

  1. Maria - Dapper House Designs

    Wow! Your kitchen was beautiful before but now it’s stunning!! I love the view of the white cabinets with your wall color looking through the arch doorway. Beautiful job! Wanna come over and do mine?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Thank you Maria! And as much as I’d love to come hang out and DIY with you, I think I’ve had my fair share of cabinet painting for a bit!! But I’ll happily look on and cheer you on as you do yours!

  2. Brittany Serowski

    Woah! It looks like a complete transformation! I just love how paint can change everything!! The hard work you put into painting these cabinets – you can certainly tell! It looks amazing! Somewhere I’d love to actually cook – even though I don’t! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Melissa I still think you are super brave (or maybe a little crazy?) to take on a kitchen renovation for $100. But you did it! and it looks great. It defiantly opens up the space. Painting cabinets is hard work, you might need to sleep for a week or two! Or maybe just sit in your new kitchen and enjoy a glass of wine ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wow, you’ve been busy! It looks like a brand new kitchen, and bigger too! Great tip about the sanding, you’ll save someone from having to redo theirs!

    1. You should definitely do it Erin!! It is amazing! And thank you so much for hosting such an awesome challenge. It’s a fabulous group of talented peeps and I’m happy to have been a part of it!

  5. Wow! What a huge difference- it looks amazing! I’ve painted cabinets a few times and always skip the sanding step (I’m impatient sometimes) ๐Ÿ˜‰ but you’ve convinced me. Awesome job!

  6. For paint I use paint & primer mixed as one will I still have to prime 1st???
    Love the way your kitchen came out.

    1. Thank you Linda! I’d recommend priming first. Mainly because kitchen cabinets take a beating around here and I wanted to make sure my paint adhered like glue!

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