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Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Painting Supplies

If you’re taking on painting kitchen cabinets, you need the right supplies. I’ll show you what I used to transform our cabinets for only $100. If you are doing the project from scratch, there are several key tools you may want to consider investing in to help you along the way. Check out my top 10 kitchen cabinet painting supplies to make the job a little easier!

And even if you purchase all the tools for your own DIY makeover, you’ll still be saving tons of money compared to hiring professionals. A good estimate of hiring professionals to paint my kitchen cabinets is around the $4000 mark!!! $4000! Not happening.

Check out the weekly updates for the challenge below to learn more about how I used all these amazing tools!

Week OneWeek TwoWeek Three  and Week 4 – the final reveal!

10 Kitchen Cabinet Painting Supplies

Click on any picture or link for details on these great supplies!

First on the list is this paint sprayer 

A blue paint sprayer on a white background.

Is it necessary to complete the project? No. However, it saves HOURS of time. And I mean hours. When you have a big job like kitchen cabinets, hours of time makes a big difference.

This primer makes all the difference in how your paint will stick to the surface!

A can of Kilz original paint primer on a white background.

It’s oil based so it’s super smelly. You need proper ventilation and a mask if you’re spraying. But it works! I learned the hard way in Week Three what happens when you try a different kind of primer. Not fun. Don’t be me. Do it right the first time.

And everyone needs good paint to paint cabinets! This is what we used  – I’ve had experience with it before and it holds up beautifully to high traffic areas!

A can of ProClassic smooth enamel finish for trim and doors on a white background.
These foam roller covers are my favorite so far. I tried a few different kinds during the makeover, but these win for me!

A pack of mini roller brushes on a white background.

The 4 inch size is perfect when painting the cabinet frames. And I tried foam and non foam rollers and I got a much smoother finish with these than any other.

I’ve used this Gyroscopic screwdriver countless times and it saved my hands when removing a million tiny screws from cabinet doors.

A set of DeWalt power tools on a white background.

Again, this is one of my favorite tools, but not necessary. You can remove screws manually and still get the job done. It just makes life easier.

This paint pail is a lifesaver! And it goes hand in hand with the liners. I keep these around and use them for every single project.

You’ve got to have good brushes for kitchen cabinets! These worked perfectly! I used a 2 inch and an 1&1/2 inch for the cabinet frames.

A paint brush on a white background.

I’ve used lots of cleaners for my projects and this one is my favorite. I keep it on hand and use it for all my makeovers.

A spray bottle of Zep industrial cleaner on a white background.
If you’re doing a project that takes some time, do yourself a favor and get this Brush Cover! I’ve used one for years and it works like a champ! It keeps you from having to clean your brushes between coats of paint.

A paint brush cover on a white background.
And you need paint trays for a big project! One helpful tip – I line mine with aluminum foil to get a few uses out of each one!
A black paint tray.

And there you have it! Of course there are other amazing supplies to help with your DIY kitchen cabinet makeover, but these are the 10 that I found to be the most helpful. Happy painting and I’d love to see your own DIY kitchen update! Email me or leave a note in the comments.

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Friday 20th of October 2017

Great list! I've definitely learned over the years that the right painting supplies can make or break your paint job. I need to try those foam rollers because so far I haven't found ones that I love-going to give those a try!


Friday 20th of October 2017

Thank you! And yes! The right stuff makes all the difference in the world. Those foam rollers are a definite fave. I've tried so many and those are the winners!