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30 Easy DIY Winter Crafts for Kids

Check out these cute and fun DIY winter crafts for kids. Find fun art projects for at-home or in the classroom!

We’re sharing simple, fun, and creative ideas for at home, preschool, daycare, and kindergarten using inexpensive dollar store and crafts store materials.

From paper crafts like cut-out snowflakes to fabric crafts like homemade sock snowmen, there’s something for everyone on this list!

The Best Winter Crafts for Kids

Winter Paper Crafts

Here are some of our favorite winter paper crafts for kids to make from Pinterest. We love paper crafts because they’re super inexpensive with easy setup and cleanup. And they’re easily framed for keepsakes.

Get out your scissors and glue for a fun and creative art project!

Crafts with Natural Elements

A child creates a winter scene on white paper using twigs and leaves.

With two winter activities in one, kids will have a ball finding and using the natural elements in these nature-inspired craft projects.

First, plan an outdoor adventure with your kids to find your craft supplies, then put their creativity to work, making art with their winter treasures.

Get outside and see what you can find!

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Dough and Slime Winter Crafts for Kids

Get into sensory play mode with these cute and creative crafts featuring dough and slime.

Kids will have a blast squishing their tiny fingers in the project materials and using paint and dye to create their winter-inspired masterpieces.

Winter Fabric and Yarn Crafts

A snowman made from a sock with googly eyes and beads for a nose and mouth.

Here are some unique crafts for kids to make using yarn, fabric materials, and a little imagination. These projects are a great way to reduce, reuse, and recycle, all while encouraging kids to use their hands and artistic skills.

Turn fabric scraps, felt, yarn, and even old clothing items into fun craft projects for your kids! Most of these are great for older kids with a little better fine motor skills.

Other Fun Winter Crafts for Kids

Finally, here are some of our favorite craft projects that don’t fall into the categories above.

Find fun ideas featuring winter themes, using simple craft supplies, food items, and recyclables at home or in the classroom.

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What did you think of these craft ideas for kids? Let us know in the comments.

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