Simple Christmas Decorating

Simple.  It’s something I’m looking for lately.  When I started unpacking the Christmas boxes this year, half of the stuff didn’t even make it out of the box.   And I’m not one bit sad about it.  I need more “simple” in my life.  So that’s what I’ve got going on with my Christmas decor this year.  I’m teaming up with several other talented bloggers for a Very Merry Christmas home tour and you can see my simple plan in action!  Be sure to check out all the other homes at the end! 

If you’re coming over from April’s gorgeous home at House by Hoff, welcome!  Isn’t her decor beautiful??

I intended to have an actual “house tour” for Christmas.  But real life struck.  My tree isn’t up.  My living room is a disaster zone because one of our projects took twice as long, cost more money, and resulted in an emergency service call to a plumber.  So there’s that.

But I did get my dining room all decked out.   At least I can sit there while my living room is a wreck, right?

Simple Christmas Decorating

I guess when I say simple, I should explain.  There’s a lot of stuff going on in these rooms.  But nothing that took a ton of time or money.   I’m a big fan of using things year after year.  I just can’t justify buying all new color schemes or decor each year.  And since I tend to stick with neutral colors in these rooms, I don’t really get tired of it.

The only thing I did different this year is add a bit more white and silver.  I found some gorgeous clearance stockings last year and my new Hobby Lobby trees are white.  Along with the faux trees and some random fake branches I found in my boxes, it looks like a little winter scene.  I bought a $3 cone tree at Hobby Lobby, but haven’t had time to decorate it yet.  And because I’m a lazy table decorator, I kept my same IKEA runner on the table which goes well with my black chairs and chandelier.  Black accents make me happy – even at Christmas!Simple Christmas decor - white, green, silver and black Christmas accents in the dining room #createandfind #simplechristmasdecor #christmas #christmasdiningroom
I put my $10 estate sale tree back up this year in a vintage crock. I’ve got several DIY ornaments from last year on there along with a few of our new ones.Simple Christmas Dining Room Decor #createandfind #christmasdiningroom

This room makes me happy and brings me joy. We actually use our dining room for meals so we get to enjoy it for bit when we eat!

Since we were about to have Thanksgiving here when I took the pics, I used my wedding China.  I still love it after all these years and it’s pretty affordable!  So if one were to get broken, there would be no tears!Simple christmas decorating in the dining room #createandfind #simplechristmasdecor #mikasachina #christmas
And those pretty little glasses:  I’m quite certain they came from Arby’s a million years ago.  My mother in law collected the whole set years ago and she gave them to me recently.  They match the china and my wintry dining room perfectly.  It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to look good!  The silver candlesticks were a wedding gift and they stay out year round.  

DIY Ornaments

Every year I like to DIY a few new things. So this year, I teamed up with my 8-year-old daughter and we put together some super simple Popsicle Stick Ornaments. I’m using mine as stocking tags on my clearance stockings and she’s going to use hers on the tree (whenever it finally gets up!).  You can see how we did it here.  A really easy craft that’s fun for kids too!   I’ve learned to keep it simple when crafting with kiddos.  It’s not fun for them if you end up having to do the whole thing because it’s so complicated.  Simple stick trees.  Winner!An easy DIY Christmas craft - make these popsicle sticks for ornaments, gift tags, stocking tags and more An easy DIY Christmas craft - make these popsicle sticks for ornaments, gift tags, stocking tags and moreI’ve got my old glittery silver deer on the dresser (which houses all my china) along with a special silver angel.  My sweet girl picked this for me at the school Santa’s Workshop last year!  She knows me well!Simple Christmas Dining Room #createandfind #simplechristmasdecor #christmasdecor #christmasdiningroom
In total I think I spent about $20 this year on craft supplies and the few new decor things I bought. Not too shabby! And maybe one day I’ll get around to decorating that cone tree. Or maybe not.
If I don’t, that’s ok. I need an anti stress Christmas. Is that a thing? Who knows, but I’m certainly going to try!  Merry Christmas and please hop around and check out all the other amazing bloggers!

Don't let the Christmas decorating stress you out this year. Check out my simple Christmas decor using thrifted finds, DIY, hand me downs, and more #createandfind #easychristmasdecorating #christmasdecor #christmas #simplechristmasdecor
SImple Christmas decorating ideas for the dining room #createandfind #simplechristmasdecor #christmas

Simple Christmas Decor - a dining room decked out for Christmas with DIY, hand me downs, and sentimental decor. Simple and inexpensive Christmas decorating this year! #createandfind #simplechristmasdecor #christmasdecor #christmas
Thanks to Carrie from Lovely Etc for hosting this great Christmas tour!  And next up is Kristi from Making it in the Mountains!  Definitely check her out – she’s got amazing style and I love everything about her simple Christmas farmhouse bedroom!

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16 thoughts on “Simple Christmas Decorating”

  1. Love your dining room, Melissa! Those stockings from Hobby Lobby were a great find. And I love those glasses and your wedding china. It all came together beautifully. Also – I’m taking note on those cute DIY trees you made with your daughter. When Hannah is old enough, I’m totally making them with her! 🙂

    1. Thanks Marly! I need you to come over and add some of your amazing garland to my mantels!! And those popsicle stick ornaments were just perfect for a kid craft. Adele loved it and it was easy enough that neither of us got frustrated! Hannah will love it one day for sure.

  2. I love all of your simple touches Melissa! I’m also a big fan of using the same decor every year and keeping things manageable. Here’s to a low-stress Christmas!

  3. You have so many stunning Christmas pieces. The sweet Popcicle stick tree, the Arby’s glasses and your lovely dining room says everything Christmas.
    Yes, I would definitely say that simple Christmas is a thing 🙂

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