6 Insanely Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

I finally used up all of my old paper I’ve been hoarding for years, so this year I added a few new Christmas gift wrapping ideas to the mix!  I’m one of those that buys paper and bows on clearance and then use them the next year.  There’s usually no “theme” and it’s a hodgepodge of paper.  Nothing wrong with that!    But check out what I did this year!

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

My kids are 11 and 8 and over the years, we’ve tried to find a simple project or two that we can make at Christmas.  What I’ve learned is if it’s too complicated, we all get frustrated and it’s not exactly the “family fun day” I envisioned.  But, I’ve got a few for you today that won’t make you curse the day Pinterest came into existence!  Check out these easy Christmas crafts for kids you can make this year!

Simple Christmas Decorating

Simple.  It’s something I’m looking for lately.  When I started unpacking the Christmas boxes this year, half of the stuff didn’t even make it out of the box.   And I’m not one bit sad about it.  I need more “simple” in my life.  So that’s what I’ve got going on with my Christmas decor this year.  I’m teaming up with several other talented bloggers for a Very Merry Christmas home tour and you can see my simple plan in action!  Be sure to check out all the other homes at the end!  …

Stunning Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Stunning Christmas Wrapping Ideas

It’s about that time to bust out the paper, ribbons, scissors, and tape and get busy wrapping all these amazing gifts.  And I’ll admit.  I’m traditionally a cheapo when it comes to wrapping.  I buy the clearance paper after Christmas is over and use it until it’s gone.  I swore I wouldn’t buy any new paper until I’d used up what I have and that day has finally come!!  So maybe I’ll up my game this year with these beautiful Christmas wrapping ideas!

Moms!! 5 Anti Stress Tips For Christmas

If you’re a busy mom and you’re reading this, you know this time of year is about to come barreling at you and punch you in the face.  I don’t mean that I don’t love Christmas time.  Because I do.  I love decorating, the looks on my kiddos faces, and of course, the food.  But.  It can get super overwhelming.  And yes, I aimed this post at busy moms, but it can be overwhelming for anyone.  I’ve been thinking of ways to take it down a notch and keep the crazy away.  That’s why I made 5 anti-stress tips for Christmas.  

The Best Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Are you a “decorate before Thanksgiving” person or a strict “not until we eat the turkey” person?  I saw a story recently that people who decorate early for Christmas are happier.  True?  Who knows, but for those that get a jump-start on their decorating, it sure seems like it.  And if it makes you happy, then go for it!  And if farmhouse style makes your holiday spirit happy, then I’ve got some of the best farmhouse Christmas decor to add to the joy! …

Matching Family Pajamas For Christmas!

I’ve actually never done matching family pajamas for Christmas.  But.  It’s not because I don’t want to.  It’s because I never get my act together enough in time to order them and have them here before Christmas.  So.  I’m saving myself the headache this year and getting a head start on Christmas.  Yep – get ready fam – we’re all matching this holiday season!