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Colorful Christmas Decorations

If you are craving bright and cheery this season, check out these colorful Christmas decorations. I’ve used a mix of old and new, thrifted/second hand, and big box stores to get a colorful Christmas living room that we all love.

Colorful Christmas decor doesn’t have to be over the top or in your face shiny. Although, if that’s what you like, I say go for it. Christmas decorations should bring joy (not stress and huge debt) to your family.

Whether it’s old memories that pop up as you’re pulling it all out of the boxes, or new memories being made, there’s something for everyone.

Colorful Christmas Decorations

Here are a few of my favorite and affordable options that are similar to what I used. So much of mine is thrifted or old, I can’t find exact items. Especially if you change your decor as I do, it can get too expensive to buy all new stuff.

And I opt for brighter colors and bold hues, but colorful Christmas decor can be whatever you like.

Closeup of a flocked Christmas tree with colorful ornaments

And the star of our colorful Christmas living room is our tree! Since we’ve had this one for three years now, I felt confident writing a review of our flocked tree – check it out here! Or let’s face it – the star of the show could be little tiny Clark – can you spot him?

flocked Christmas tree with colorful ornaments
Colorful decorated Christmas tree

Colorful Christmas Ornaments for a Simple Display

Colorful ornaments stacked in my bread bowl are a perfect way to use ornaments that won’t fit on the tree. I just pile them in bowls, containers, or whatever else looks good!

They sit next to these super old glittery trees from Pier One Imports (miss that store!). One is even missing the star on top, but I still use it anyway.

Colorful Christmas ornaments in a wooden bowl

I found an old metal tree at a thrift store and bought bright-colored miniature ornaments to decorate. I found a similar one here.

Colorful ornaments Christmas decor
colorful christmas decorations

My mantel is simple. I hung a few sparkly stockings that I found on Facebook marketplace and my colorful pom pom garland (similar garland here). An old wooden Christmas tree that I painted with craft paint is on one side and my thrift store gold ornament tree is on the other.

My daughter made a colorful craft one year in school so I threw that up there too!

And the wood decor is scrap wood stained strung with more little ornaments. Super simple and another great way to use up colorful decor that won’t fit on the tree.

Colorful pompom garland and ornaments
Colorful pompom garland on a mantel
Colorful rug near a Christmas tree

Our colorful tree goes perfectly with my favorite rug from Boutique Rugs – You can find it here. We’ve had it for over a year and it cleans up perfectly (which is a must for kids and pets) and it doesn’t shed!

One of my favorite additions from last year is this skinny shiny tree I got from Walmart. They sell out every year but I found a similar one on Amazon. If I bought it again, I’d likely choose the Amazon version since it looks a bit more sturdy than the $25 Wal-Mart tree.

But it looks pretty and takes up virtually no room. However, the branches on the Wal-Mart version are kind of delicate so we don’t hang ornaments on this one.

Prelit Christmas tree with framed art behind it
Prelit Christmas tree with dog decor behind it

I’m one of those people that wavers back and forth between loving neutral palettes and then craving colorful bright hues. I love the mix of the colorful living room we have paired with a neutral dining room.

You can see our neutral dining room along with a few crafty homemade ornaments here. I pretty much keep it the same year after year. I don’t have excess storage so my decor doesn’t completely change every holiday season.

But back to the colorful Christmas decorations – If that’s your style, be sure and check out these ideas from some super-talented bloggers. If it’s color you’re after, you’ll find it here!

Colorful Christmas Decorations

Hopefully, you’ve found some colorful Christmas decorating ideas that you love. Remember, it’s not about how fancy you can be or how much you spend. Especially in these times, I think it’s super important to really focus on those around us and help others.

Here’s to wishing you and yours a wonderful season.

Happy Holidays – Merry Christmas!

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