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A Flocked Christmas Tree You’ll Love!

I’ve waited three years to write this post because I wanted to make sure I love this tree before recommending it to you! This is our third year of having a flocked Christmas tree and I would buy it again in a second. Read on to see my favorite smaller flocked tree why I’m raving about it.

If you’re in the market for a new tree this year, I’ve got a perfect option for a beautiful flocked Christmas tree. It’s only 7.5 feet tall and it has several variations of lights. We’ve personally had this tree for three years and it’s still perfect.

A little background. We don’t have exceptionally high ceilings or a very large living room. Our previous tree was on its last leg – all the lights were going out and at 9 feet tall it was just too big for our living room. Another issue was I couldn’t put it up myself. It was too heavy and awkward.

My Favorite Flocked Christmas Tree

When it came time to look for a new tree, I had two issues. One – fake trees are hella expensive. Two – there are so many choices.

Here is what we ended up with:

flocked Christmas tree with colorful ornaments

It’s from Home Depot and it’s the Home Accents 7.5 foot pre lit flocked tree with 1500 lights.

Click here to see all the details of this tree.

Flocked Christmas tree with colorful ornaments
flocked Christmas tree closeup

You can see above how heavily flocked this tree is!

My honest opinion of this flocked tree:

The best way for me to review this flocked Christmas tree is a pro and con list. I love to read people’s opinions and pros and cons are super helpful. Also – this post isn’t sponsored – I bought the tree and all opinions are my own after owning it for the past three years.


  • It’s 7.5 feet tall and can fit into a corner also. This may be a con for you if you want a larger tree. Our living room is closed in on three sides and we don’t have excessive amounts of room. 7.5 feet is perfect for us.
  • It’s easy to handle and I can assemble it myself if needed.
  • Pre-lit – enough said. Stringing lights is for the birds. It’s one of my least favorite tree tasks so this solves that.
  • It changes colors from white to colorful lights. You get the best of both worlds and everyone can agree. It twinkles if you want it to, it fades in and out if you prefer – there are so many settings on the remote control.
  • The remote control is super handy and makes it a cinch to switch the settings.
  • It comes in three easy to manage sections and has a stand.
  • The flocking has stayed put even though it seems like we can’t possibly lose any more when I take it out of the box. It’s like it regenerates itself.
  • Once it’s up and decorated, the flocking doesn’t come off and make a continuous mess.
  • It has 1500 lights but you don’t see a ton of wires because of the heavy flocking.
  • At the time we purchased it and currently, it’s $300. Definitely not chump change, but not the most expensive option either. See it here!


  • This flocked tree is messy to put up, but any flocked tree will make a mess. However, once it’s up, there’s not a continuous mess.
  • It’s on the smaller side at 7.5 feet so it’s a con if you prefer larger trees.
  • This tree was more affordable than some of the other options for flocked trees.

We’ve had this tree for three years now which is why I feel confident recommending it. The lights are still perfect, the remote functions like it should, the branches are keeping their shape and it looks the same as the first year we used it.

If you’re in the market for a smaller flocked tree that will last, this one is for you!

Lit up flocked Christmas tree

This tree is a perfect flocked tree option that will last for years and it’s a great fake tree for smaller living rooms. If you have an apartment or a smaller living room area as we do, 7.5 feet trees might just be the best option.

Collage of 2 pictures of a flocked Christmas tree

For more flocked tree options – check out these on Amazon.

And completely unrelated, but I wish I had a few more of these guys under this tree this year! #chiweenielove

Dog in a living room

Happy Holidays!!

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Image with text: The Perfect Flocked Tree for Smaller Areas