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Stunning Christmas Wrapping Ideas

It’s about that time to bust out the paper, ribbons, scissors, and tape and get busy wrapping all these amazing gifts. And I’ll admit.  I’m traditionally a cheapo when it comes to wrapping.  I buy the clearance paper after Christmas is over and use it until it’s gone. I swore I wouldn’t buy any new paper until I’d used up what I have and that day has finally come!! So maybe I’ll up my game this year with these beautiful Christmas wrapping ideas!

But please don’t think I’m all “Christmas wrapping police” over here. If you like to stick to the clearance rolls, nothing wrong with that at all! Especially if you’re wrapping for kids. They couldn’t care less what any fancy-schmancy wrapping looks like.

I added a few insanely easy gift wrapping ideas under my own tree this year – check it out here!

However, if you’ve got a few special gifts that you want to up the wow factor with your mad wrapping skills, check these out.

And since so many of these use basic paper that you can buy in bulk, I’ll give you some great options to stock up! Kraft paper is ideal because you can customize it any way you like. And it’s affordable compared to some other more traditional Christmas wrapping paper.

100 feet of brown Kraft paper

100 feet of white Kraft paper

Stunning Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Mini Christmas Tree Toppers

3 Christmas presents wrapped in brown paper with Christmas tree ornaments on top.

These are some of my favorites! Of course it takes some time and I don’t think I could do all the gifts this way. But how amazing would it be to wrap a few special presents and top it with these DIY Christmas Tree Gift Toppers from Claire over at Fellow Fellow? What a special way to use a few natural items and craft supplies to make such a pretty presentation!

Chalkboard Wood Slice Tags

Closeup of the top of a wrapped Christmas present with red ribbon and pinecone and wood decorations.

Pretty much anything from Love Create Celebrate is stunning! These Chalkboard Wood Slice Tags are no exception. The best part is the recipient can take them home and use them as an ornament on their own tree! So crafty and super adorable. I love when things can be repurposed and not just tossed out after you’ve worked so hard to make them!

Wooden Deer Tag

A Christmas present wrapped in blue wrapping paper with a green velvet ribbon and baby deer ornament.

And because I couldn’t pick just one from Love Create Celebrate, I had to include these DIY Deer Tags that are included in her rustic wrapping ideas. You guys, she made these! With a scroll saw! This one is way beyond my capability, but it would make a great “nailed it” for me. However, I know there are super crafty peeps out there like you that can do it too. And can we just talk about that black paper and green ribbon? Amazing Christmas wrapping if I ever saw it!

Grain Sack Gift Bags

Two Christmas presents wrapped in white fabric with red stripes and the word \"Joy\" and decorated with Christmas foliage and a silver bell.

Amy from The Idea Room has an incredible tutorial for the perfect farmhouse style wrapping with these Grain Sack Gift Bags.  She shows you exactly how to make them using inexpensive supplies you can find at any home and garden store. I’d be tempted to make a few to use in my decor like she did too! And you can customize these for those hard to wrap sizes or awkward shapes!

Retro Holiday Gift Toppers

Several Christmas presents wrapped in colorful paper and decorated with twine and ornaments.

These just have happy and merry vibes written all over them!  These Retro Holiday Gift Toppers from Lia Griffith are super fun! She’s got the files for you to download and use your own cutting machine or cutting tool to create your own. Paired with some bright and fun paper, these are the perfect addition. I’m adding more color to my typically neutral decor this year and these would be amazing under a colorful tree!

Free Printable Gift Tags

Rustic Christmas presents wrapped in brown paper with twine and twigs with a white gift tag.

Yall! These gift tags from Ashley at Gather & Feast are adorable!  And all you need is a printer!! She’s even got a few versions you can choose from. Grab some craft paper and tie on a beautiful homemade tag. Done! And you can even throw on a sprig of greenery like she did to make it even more beautiful.

DIY Christmas Tree Topper

Two Christmas presents wrapped in white and brown paper and decorated with Christmas trees made from paper cutouts.

Steph from Make and Tell has the most creative gift addition I’ve seen so far! Check out these DIY Christmas Tree Toppers – aren’t they fun? I have an eight year old daughter and this is a project she would love to help with! I love the imperfect style and how you can customize them to match any wrapping paper you want. These seem like an easy way to add something special to the gifts this year.

Simple Festive Wrapping

Several Christmas presents wrapped in rustic white and brown paper with green foliage decorations.

Are you seeing a pattern here? I’m loving the brown paper and simple decor. Abi from These Four Walls shows you exactly how to make a gorgeous wrapping without spending a ton of time or money. Two things that are often short at Christmas time! And definitely check out her tutorial because she’s got a great tip on what kind of greenery to add!Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration with these Christmas Wrapping ideas.

But, this falls into the category of “if it makes you happy, do it”.  If this stresses you out and store-bought is the way to go for you, that’s perfect.

Check out my 5 anti stress tips for Christmas! Don’t let something like wrapping add to your stress!

I’m personally going to try the kraft paper idea and see what I can come up with this year!

And for even more creative wrapping inspiration – check out my friend Wendy from At Lane and High! She’s put together another amazing list of ideas – click here!

Merry Christmas and Happy Wrapping! Don’t forget to Pin It!Pinterest graphic with text that reads \"Stunning Christmas Wrapping Ideas You\'ll Love!\" and a collage of Christmas presents.

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