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6 Insanely Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

6 Insanely Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

I finally used up all of my old paper I’ve been hoarding for years, so this year I added a few new Christmas gift wrapping ideas to the mix! I’m one of those that buys paper and bows on clearance and then use them the next year. There’s usually no “theme” and it’s a hodgepodge of paper. Nothing wrong with that! But check out what I did this year!

You can deck out the gifts under the tree just as pretty as the decor on the tree! These creative and easy Christmas wrapping ideas will be the perfect finishing touches on all that hard work you’ve done – the shopping, list-making, planning, and choosing the perfect gifts.

I’ve paired down my decorating. Most rooms don’t have any touches of Christmas and half of my stuff didn’t make it out of the boxes. And I’m completely fine with that! That means I have more time to picking out those special gifts and getting them pretty for giving!

I put together a great list of wrapping ideas, but finally added some of my own. And these are simple! You don’t need special bow tying skills or amazing art skills.  Just some basic craft paper, shiny gift wrap, and supplies. Think pom-poms, ribbon, stickers, store-bought tags, and inexpensive ornaments.

Easy Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Now I know you’re probably thinking:  Who cares what the outside looks like?? Especially if you’ve got kids that rip the paper faster than you can say Santa Claus. But. This is something I did with my daughter this year. She’s pretty crafty and she loves to help. It was a fun way for us to do something together and she got to put her own creative touches on the gifts.

Here’s a list of some supplies we used, but you can find these at any craft store usually.  Hobby Lobby, Target, Wal-Mart, Michael’s, Amazon – any of those places will have most of what you need.

Simple White Wrapping

Now –  you can use white craft paper. I found a roll of old paper in a closet at my Grandma’s house so that’s what I used. I don’t even know if this stuff is wrapping paper, shelf liner, wallpaper from 1950, or what? But it did the job. And it’s thick, so it’s easy to handle without ripping!

Wrap your gift and then use some pretty ribbon to make a bow shape. I can’t make bows worth a flip, so I just cut two pieces and then taped them to the back. And white will go with any Christmas colors!

Christmas Wrapping ideas - simple ideas to wrap the gifts this year #createandfind #christmaswrappingideas
Christmas Wrapping ideas - simple ideas to wrap the gifts this year #createandfind #christmaswrappingideas

Full disclosure – the backs of these gifts ain’t pretty! No one sees the back so no worries! Add a pretty bow to the middle and done!

Craft Paper and Ornaments

Festive Christmas wrapping ideas

This is my first year using craft paper for wrapping and I’m hooked. It’s thick and durable so it doesn’t rip to shreds while you’re wrapping. And you can use any kind of embellishments you want!

For a few of our gifts, we wrapped them in craft paper, strung a few ornaments on twine, and then taped the twine around the gift. Cut out a tag from craft paper or use a store-bought tag and it looks so festive!

Craft Paper and Stickers/Shiny Tags and Ribbon

Christmas wrapping ideas with craft paper, ribbon and twine. Add some ornaments or stickers and it's easy gift wrapping this year that looks amazing! #createandfind #giftwrappingideas #Christmas
Christmas wrapping ideas with craft paper, ribbon and twine. Add some ornaments or stickers and it's easy gift wrapping this year that looks amazing! #createandfind #giftwrappingideas #Christmas

This is what I love most about craft paper. You can wrap up a gift, throw some glittery stickers on it, wrap some twine or ribbon around it and call it done. I let my kiddo pick out the sticker and the tags for several and they look super festive without any effort.

Craft Paper and Pom-Poms

Christmas wrapping ideas - festive and easy ideas to wrap your gifts in style this year!

My daughter was super excited to use the glue gun for this one. She’s 8 and I’ve just started letting her practice with the glue gun. I wouldn’t advise it for much younger kids as they’re going to have a few mishaps. And don’t leave them unattended! But, anyway, back to the gift wrapping!

We wrapped our gift in craft paper and then she formed a Christmas tree shape out of colorful pom-poms. She used the glue gun to attach them to the front and it’s super cute. Easy and simple!

Shiny Paper and Tags

And when your craftiness skills are done, grab some shiny paper and glittery tags in whatever color you like. It’ll look so pretty with the craft paper and simple tags. They don’t all have to be fancy! Tie an ornament on a few if you like to glam it up a bit.

Tissue Paper and Ornaments

This is another super easy gift wrapping idea for those hard-to-wrap gifts. If it’s small enough, you can gather it in tissue paper, tie a pretty ribbon with an ornament strung on it, and you’re done! You can call it fancy tissue!

They don’t all have to match or be perfect! Mine have different colors and textures. Anything looks pretty under twinkly Christmas tree lights.

And try to remember the important things this season. It isn’t the gifts or the wrapping – it’s the peeps you share it with.

 Colorfully decorated Christmas tree

For more Christmas ideas – check out the Christmas section of the blog and don’t forget to pin for later!

Six easy and affordable Christmas wrapping ideas you can use this season to make your gifts extra festive! #createandfind #Christmaswrapping #easywrappingideas #Christmaswrappingideas