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Homemade Christmas Ornaments with Wood Shims

If you’re looking for an easy Christmas DIY craft this year, these homemade Christmas ornaments are perfect! They’re cheap, you can personalize them any way you like, and they don’t take too long to make!

I made a few different DIY ornaments last year to go with my neutral Christmas dining room decor and I love them. They added the perfect amount of rustic DIY to my $10 estate sale tree. These would also be cute as homemade gift tags. I don’t do homemade gift tags but I’m always in awe of those people who have matching wrapping and tags. #christmasgoals

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Homemade Christmas Ornaments

You can get as fancy or plain as you want with these DIY Christmas projects. I chose simple, but if you have much better art skills than me, you could add some pretty trees, snowflakes, or whatever. My drawing skills are equivalent to that of a two-year old, so I stuck with the simple stencil.


  • Wood shims– I get mine at the hardware store because they’re cheaper, but if you don’t have one nearby, these are the same.
  • Stencils
  • Paint or marker
  • Twine 
  • Drill
  • Small ornaments

Make your Homemade Ornaments! Here’s the 1st one:

  • My wood shims are 8 inches long – you can cut them down if you prefer.
  • Paint or stain them if you don’t like the natural look
  • Use your stencil to write whatever phrase will fit – I used “peace” and “merry” for two of them
  • Outline the letters and then fill in with a metallic marker or paint
  • Stick them in the branches or drill two small holes in each end and string with twine to hang.Close up of DIY wood Christmas ornaments

And the 2nd one

Photo of DIY christmas ornaments made from wood shims

The next ones are a bit smaller. I cut a wood shim in half. Stain it or paint it any color you like. Drill a small hole through the top and string a shiny ornament with twine. It’s that simple.

Perfectly rustic and easy! You could do this with any color scheme. Or use them as place markers for your table, then each guest can take one home!

Neutral Christmas dining room with 2 simple homemade ornaments
Homemade Christmas ornaments on a sideboard
Homemade ornaments on a mini Christmas tree

And it’s that easy! Two ideas for a few simple homemade Christmas ornaments to add some rustic touches to your Christmas decor. I used these in my neutral Christmas dining room last year and I loved the simplicity.

Happy Decorating! And don’t forget to Pin for Later!Pinterest image with text: DIY Rustic Christmas Ornaments