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How to Make A Cheap Halloween Centerpiece

If you’re looking to add something to your Halloween decorations this year, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is the perfect option. The DIY Halloween craft uses dollar store supplies, spray paint, and any size box you prefer. See this cheap Halloween centerpiece I made for zero dollars using stuff I had at home.

I love a good cheap Halloween decoration and this one fits the bill perfectly. I’ll show you how to make your own cheap Halloween centerpiece for just a few bucks and supplies from the dollar store or even stuff you have at home already.

Supplies for Halloween Centerpiece

I listed a few options with links, but you can find this stuff anywhere.

  • Fake Flowers – These are the flowers I used for my spring wreath the past few years and what I used for a good bit of my centerpiece.
  • A box of some type – I used a wooden box I already had, but you could also use a vase, mason jars, or anything else that is deep enough to hide the stems.
  • Black spray paint
  • Floral Foam – this makes it easier to arrange the flowers in your container.

I have a stash of fake flowers, mostly from the Dollar Tree that were just collecting dust. I didn’t care what kind of what they looked like. As long as I had enough to stuff the box with.

The best part about this craft is that it’s not meant to be perfect. You can use the cheapest, most fake-looking flowers you can find. It’ll turn out great as a cheap Halloween craft. It’s meant to look haphazard and random.

Steps for Making Your Budget Friendly Halloween Table Decor

  • Take your flowers outside to a well-ventilated area (preferably not a windy day). Find something to lay them on. I used an old piece of cardboard and even stuck some in the ground. If they are in bunches, just spray the whole bunch or you can use wire cutters to split them.
  • Spray them with black spray paint. I didn’t worry about even strokes or full coverage. And, I pretty much broke every spray paint technique rule. I honestly love that they didn’t all get covered because it adds to the creepy factor. Also – use any black spray paint you can find. It doesn’t have to be expensive because you aren’t going for perfect and even.
  • Let them dry and arrange them in your box or vase. I used floral foam in the bottom of my box. It made it easier to stand the flowers and arrange them.
  • Don’t worry about perfection. It’s supposed to look like old decaying flowers. You can still see plenty of color on mine and it’s totally fine.

Also, I’ve added a few videos for you to see how we made it and seriously how random and unplanned it is.

Skeleton Halloween centerpiece for table

This cheap DIY Halloween decor is the perfect addition to our table. Finally – throw in a few skulls for good measure. And maybe even a posable life-size skeleton like our “Sanford”, and you’ve got yourself a Halloween table to die for.

DIY Cheap Halloween Centerpiece using fake flowers and spray paint
Table with a DIY Halloween centerpiece

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DIY painted Halloween centerpiece

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