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Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath and Porch

I’m such a lazy decorator that I pretty much use the same grapevine wreath on my front door for every season. I just change out the decor using cheap supplies and call it good. I finished our Halloween decorations this year and my fall wreath and porch decor didn’t fit in. So I hit up one of my favorite decor spots and made a super easy and crazy cheap Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath and porch decorations.

Seriously – it doesn’t get easier or cheaper than this and you need basically zero skills.  What better kind of DIY than a zero skill DIY? I hope you have a Dollar Tree nearby, but if not, go to any craft store or big box store that sells Halloween decor for cheap.

Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath

It feels kind of silly to even write a How-To guide for making this. But – sometimes I think I can’t afford to decorate and I find someone who shows me how to do things for a few bucks. So maybe you’re that someone today!

Supplies Needed:

  • Grapevine wreath – they don’t sell these at the Dollar Tree, but I’ve had the same one for years and I use it all year. Decor all year for a one time investment. I’ll take it!
  • Fake Spiders
  • Small skeletons
  • Hanging skeleton
  • Fake spider websCraft supplies to create a skeleton Halloween wreath.

I like the kind of grapevine wreath that has random sticks poking out everywhere. This is what I use to push flowers into or fake spiders – whatever I’m decorating with at the time. And it takes me all of about 5 minutes.

Add as many spiders as you want and throw on a skeleton or two. If your skeletons won’t stay on, tie some twine around them and tie the ends around a few sticks of the wreath.

Finish off your wreath with a bigger hanging skeleton and then drape some fake cobwebs around some of it. That’s it!

Close-up of a wreath made from curved twigs with a miniature skeleton in the middle and cobwebs at the bottom.
Halloween decorations in a box by the side of the front door of a house.
Halloween front porch decorations, including a skeleton wreath and a crow.
A wreath with a miniature skeleton and cobwebs hangs from the front door of a house with spooky decor on the stoop.
A yard sign in front of a house that reads \"Clifton School of Witchcraft\" with a picture of a witch flying on a broom\".

Easiest DIY Halloween wreath ever! I’m all about thrifty decorating, especially when it’ll only stay up for a month or so. And if something blows away or falls apart – I’m out a buck if I got it from the Dollar Tree. I added a few hanging goblins to my vintage crates, threw some black and gray drape cloths over them and put a few creepy skeletons and spiders on top.

I found some orange and black lights and put them around the front door. Fake cobwebs over the shutters top it all off. This cheap Halloween wreath goes pretty good with all our other Dollar Tree decor out front and my DIY Halloween Yard Art sign – you can see how I made it here!

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Pinterest graphic with text that reads \"Cheap Halloween Wreath\" and a wreath with a skeleton and cobwebs in the background.

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