diy halloween costumes

21 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for a Spooktacular Night

Halloween is a time that can be considered an open invitation to dress the way you want. Anything, anyone you like. So, of course, Halloween can be classified as one of the top favorite holidays of the year’s calendar. Not to mention free candy! If you’re stuck looking for a costume, maybe a DIY Halloween costume is the way to go!

Cheap Halloween Decorations – How to Scare for Cheap!

Cheap Halloween decorations are right up my alley.  I love Halloween as much as my kids do, but I’m cheap (or should I say frugal to make it sound better?).  So every year I hit up the Dollar Tree and the Target Dollar Spot for some things to add some more spooky to my house.  I’ll show you how I use cheap Halloween decorations to scare for cheap!

Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath and Porch

I’m such a lazy decorator that I pretty much use the same grapevine wreath on my front door for every season.  I just change out the decor using cheap supplies and call it good.  I finished our Halloween decorations this year and my fall wreath and porch decor didn’t fit in.  So I hit up one of my favorite decor spots and made a super easy and crazy cheap Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath and porch decorations.

9 DIY Halloween Decorations You’ll Want to Make

It’s almost that time!  Spooky, creepy, fun, festive – whatever you think of Halloween, it’s a crazy fun holiday to decorate for.  If you love all things ghosts and creepiness – this one’s for you!  I’ve got 9 amazing DIY Halloween Decorations you can make yourself to up the festive factor for all those eager little kiddos sneaking around for candy!

DIY Miranda Sings Costume

Halloween is one of my faves.  Seriously – dressing up, pretending, Reese’s, and yeah, fun for the kids too.  My kids love Halloween as much as I do and every year we have a blast deciding on costumes.  But costumes get expensive.  And if I can DIY a costume and save some cash, that’s more money to spend on Reese’s.  This one is one of the funniest we’ve made for my daughter.  A DIY Miranda Sings Costume!

How To Make Your Own DIY Halloween Yard Decorations

This month is all about the creepies, the skeletons, and the scary around here.  My kids love to decorate for Halloween and this year we are going all spooky!  We’ve collected a few things over the years, but I was hoping to add a few more Halloween yard decorations to the mix.  I had a fabulous opportunity to try out something new to me!  Come along and see what we did to “spooky” up our yard this year!  And check out some other fabulous Halloween Decor from some talented peeps at the end of the post!

Spooky DIY Halloween Wall Art

It’s October and that means Halloween!  I’ve decided to DIY quite a few of our Halloween decorations this year.  Gotta save money for all the candy!  Since it can get quite expensive to buy all new decorations, DIY is the way to go.  And this year we are going with a creepy theme.   Come see the spooky DIY Halloween wall art I made and follow along in an amazing blog hop for tons of other ideas! …