DIY Miranda Sings Costume

Halloween is one of my faves.  Seriously – dressing up, pretending, Reese’s, and yeah, fun for the kids too.  My kids love Halloween as much as I do and every year we have a blast deciding on costumes.  But costumes get expensive.  And if I can DIY a costume and save some cash, that’s more money to spend on Reese’s.  This one is one of the funniest we’ve made for my daughter.  A DIY Miranda Sings Costume!

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Miranda is a character made up by a hysterical girl named Colleen Ballinger.  Her character has been around since 2008.  Somehow my daughter came across her YouTube channel and loves her.  She can imitate her perfectly and I’ll admit, I get lots of laughs from her humor as well.  She makes fun of herself, and isn’t afraid to just be ridiculous.

And she dresses a bit off the wall.  Think cat shirts, sweatpants, and crazy red lipstick.  So when my girl decided she wanted to be her for Halloween one year, we made a super simple costume.DIY Halloween Costume - Miranda Sings. Make your own Halloween costume this year for cheap #createandfind #diyhalloweencostume #halloweencostume #halloween

DIY Miranda Sings Costume

Seriously, this one is easy and cheap.  You may even have supplies in the closet already.  If not, here’s some pretty inexpensive options that still beat a $50 costume price tag you’ll find at Halloween.

Affiliate links provided – see my full disclosure here.  Basically, if you buy something, I may get a small commission to make my own costumes.  


All you need to do is use the fabric paint and write “HATERS BACK OFF” on the back of the pants.  Tuck in the shirt.  Apply some lipstick in a completely hideous fashion, and done!  Word of caution about the paint.  Give it plenty of time to dry.  I didn’t plan far enough in advance and I ended up blow drying the paint to get it to dry in time.  So do it a few days before and you’ll be good to go.  DIY Miranda Sings Costume

This was one of the funniest costumes for her because it’s silly and goofy, just like Miranda!  We already had a shirt from her brother’s closet, we bought the pants, fabric paint, and lipstick – all in for about $12 total.  Not too shabby for a Halloween costume!

If you love Miranda Sings – pin it for later!DIY Halloween Costume - Miranda Sings - make your own costume this year for cheap #createandfind #diyhalloweencostume #halloween

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