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How To Make a Cheap and Easy DIY Skull Wreath

Halloween is almost here and if you want a super cheap and easy DIY project, then this DIY SKull Wreath is for you! I’ll show you how I made this skull wreath for $4 using nothing but a grapevine wreath I use for every holiday and Dollar Tree supplies.

It’s no secret that Dollar Tree is one of my favorite places for cheap decorating ideas. I’ve been adopting a more frugal lifestyle lately, but I still love to decorate. And Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to use cheap decorations for a spooky theme.

DIY Skull Wreath

Seriously, this project is so easy and took all of 10 minutes. It took longer to go to Dollar Tree and get the supplies than it did to make this easy DIY Halloween project.

Supplies for a Skull Wreath

If you don’t have a Dollar Tree near you, check out any dollar store, thrift stores, big box stores, or even Amazon for cheap supplies. You don’t have to spend crazy amounts of money on this one!

  • Grapevine Wreath – I am the laziest decorator around because I use this thing for every season and I have for years. It’s easy and goes with any holiday (or at least it does for me).
  • Hanging Skull/Ghoul – This is a Dollar Tree find so it was a whopping $1.
  • Black and Purple Flowers – Another Dollar Tree find and I bought two bunches so $2 total for those
  • Glittery Purple Bats – Four of these for $1
  • Skeletons and Skull – I reused these from last year’s Halloween wreath.
  • Wire Cutters – You need these for the flowers
DIY Skeleton Wreath Supplies

Making Your Skull Wreath

There really is no right or wrong way to make your Halloween wreath. My 9-year-old daughter helped me and I just let her pick where we put everything on the wreath. The ghoul had a hanging string at the top of his head so I just hung it on the back of the wreath in the center.

Use the wire cutters to trim the flower stems to a short enough length that will make it easy to push through the branches of the wreath.

Place your flowers or other scary decorations around your wreath and hang it up. I finished it with the bats and flowers but then decided to add a few leftover skeletons and a skull.

DIY Skeleton Wreath

Ten minutes and done. How’s that for scary Halloween decor for cheap and in record time? And if you don’t feel like DIY, I found a few fairly inexpensive options to buy for skull wreaths like this one and this one. Of course, you can’t beat Dollar Tree prices for affordability, especially for something like a Halloween wreath that won’t be up that long anyway.

DIY Skeleton Wreath

I used this cheap and easy DIY skull wreath to complete my Halloween front porch decorations this year. It’s mostly Dollar Tree hanging ghouls and my DIY Halloween sign.

Halloween sign \"Clifton school of witchcraft\"
Milk crate Halloween decoration
Halloween Front Porch decorations

Halloween is such a fun time of year to decorate and break out the creepy and scary stuff. And it’s a bonus when I can use cheap decorations so I don’t blow my budget.

Save this DIY SKull wreath for later! Pin below!

Skeleton wreath for Halloween

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