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Cheap Halloween Decorations – How to Scare for Cheap!

Cheap Halloween decorations are right up my alley. I love Halloween as much as my kids do, but I’m cheap (or should I say frugal to make it sound better?). So every year I hit up the Dollar Tree and the Target Dollar Spot for some things to add some more spooky to my house. I’ll show you how I use cheap Halloween decorations to scare for cheap!

I know this style of Halloween decor isn’t for everyone. I personally don’t mind being greeted by skulls, witches, and zombies every morning, and my kids don’t either. And if I can get it cheap – why not? We’ve had most of it for years and I only buy a few new things each year.

Cheap Halloween Decorations for our Spooky House Tour

Inside Halloween Decor

A skeleton sits in front of a fireplace mantle covered in a holey black cloth with black Halloween decor.

Welcome the newest member of our household:  “Sanford” the skeleton. He’s a little on the thin side, but we’re glad to have him! Since I saved money on all my Dollar Tree stuff, I didn’t feel bad about this little splurge since all my other things are pretty cheap Halloween decorations. He’s five feet tall and posable.

So he can even join you at the dining table if you want! Or hang out in the front room like he does at our house and greets everyone who walks in!

The rest of the mantel is either from the Dollar Spot at Target, Dollar Tree, or random Halloween stores. I made a super simple hanging skeleton with a $1 hoop wreath and a hanging skeleton. I buy several of the black drapes every year for a buck and use them to cover various boxes.

Halloween decorations on a wooden antique sideboard, including skulls, a jack-o-lantern, and haunted houses.

Last year, I painted a plain orange light-up pumpkin black to go with the creepy theme and lots of skulls and dollar tree flowers to the buffet. My son painted one of those wood houses for a Halloween theme years ago, so that comes out too. The haunted house ceramic was a thrift store find and most of the other stuff is from the Dollar Tree.

Fake white and black skulls, a miniature haunted house, and spooky decor on a side table.
Spooky decorations on a fireplace mantle and mirror, including a spider web and orange and black tassel garland.

I used my Ikea lantern and some dollar tree moss and a skull head for the mantel along with a cheap spider web and drape for the mirror.

A lantern with a fake skull next to a fake bird skeleton on a ledge.
A creepy skeleton candelabra next to a black sign that says \"boo\" and a skeleton wall hanging.

And finally, I added some decor to my antique washstand with thrift store finds and our letter board! If you don’t have one of these letter boards yet – get one! And please – be more creative than I am with it! It’s completed with a dollar tree hanging skeleton man.

Again – I know this isn’t for everyone. And no Karens, I didn’t let my daughter watch Suicide Squad or my son watch SlenderMan YouTube stuff. Just fun dress up. But back to the cheap decorations for Halloween!

A family dressed in red, black, and white Halloween costumes in their dining room.

Outside Halloween Decorations

This is the most fun for me because a large portion of my neighborhood decorates for Halloween and it’s the biggest event of the year! I love it – we all dress up and it’s amazing for the kiddos and adults too!

I reused most of what I already had for the porch, but I did make a super cheap and easy Halloween wreath. Check it out here along with more front porch decor!   And of course, we put up the DIY Halloween Sign I made last year along with a cheap dollar tree crow I tied onto the top of it. Everything in and on the crates is from the Dollar Tree. That place is a goldmine for cheap decor!

A yard sign in front of a house that reads \"Clifton School of Witchcraft\" with a picture of a witch flying on a broom\".
A green ghoulish skeleton in a wooden crate draped with gauze on a front porch.
Halloween decorations in a box by the side of the front door of a house.
A wreath with a miniature skeleton and cobwebs hangs from the front door of a house with spooky decor on the stoop.
DIY Halloween wreath for front door

And we’ve had the sound-activated skulls for a few years now and they’re pretty cool – they make spooky noises when you make a loud noise! You don’t have to spend a lot of money on cheap Halloween decorations.  

Even if the creepy stuff isn’t your style, you can find plenty of affordable traditional fall decor at thrift stores, the Dollar Tree and even big box stores. But around here – the creepier the better. I’ve always loved Halloween and my kids love it as much as I do. What other time of year do you get to dress up and people voluntarily hand you Reeses??

BOO! Don’t forget to pin it for later!Pinterest graphic with text that reads \"Cheap Halloween Decorations\" with a picture of a skeleton sitting in front of a Halloween decorated fireplace.

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