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$3 Cheap and Easy DIY Wreath for Fall

I’ve got a super simple DIY for your fall decorating this year. I’m not one of those peeps that changes out every bit of my decorations for each season. Not enough money or time for all that stuff. But I do like to add a few things, especially when I can get supplies from the Dollar Tree and make an easy DIY wreath for $3!! Three bucks – that’s less than a fancy pumpkin spiced latte!

Even if you don’t have a Dollar Tree nearby, you can still find these supplies pretty cheap at most craft stores. And in case you don’t know what a Dollar Tree is – it’s a store full of items that all cost a buck. Everything. Nothing is over one dollar. It’s hit or miss. Of course, some of it looks like it costs a buck, but I’m not complaining. Plenty of potential in that one dollar goldmine.

Easy $3 DIY Wreath for Fall

Supplies for this easy DIY wreath:

Are you ready for this?  Get out the lists and pencils. It feels silly to even write this.

  • You need a wreath and some faux flowers. No glue, nothing complicated, just flowers and a wreath. I use wire cutters when trimming faux floral stems but I have used scissors too (beware, it’ll dull them though).
  • I bought a basic straw/stick wreath that’s about 12 inches in diameter. Grand total $1
  • Pick out any color flowers you like – I’m keeping the fall mantel neutral and green this year so I went with cream-colored flower stems and bought 2 of them. Grand total $2
  • Trim them pretty short because you don’t want them sticking out too far through the back of the wreath form. Push them into the wreath in whatever design you like. You can even go all the way around the wreath if you get more flowers than I did.
  • Use a piece of twine or string and hang it on a command hook or nail. I draped this one over our mirror above the mantel and done!

$3, five minutes, and my easy DIY fall wreath is done.  

DIY Fall wreath hanging on a mirror

Closeup of a stick wreath with pale peach-colored flowers at the bottom.

You don’t have to spend tons of money to decorate for any season. And when fall is over, change out the flowers for Halloween, Christmas, or whatever you want. And for $3, if you don’t want to repeat the same decor next year, well you’re out a few bucks and get to make something new.

This DIY wreath is perfectly simple and it goes along with my easy and cheap fall mantel decor with DIY Dollar Tree Pumpkins here

And that’s not all the Dollar Tree decorating I’m doing this year. I kind of skip front porch decorating for fall since we are more about Halloween around here. But it was pretty sad and pathetic so I grabbed a few more floral stems and made over my front porch for $9!

See the $9 porch here!

Sometimes DIY’s can get a little out of hand – trust me, I’ve been there. Those times when you spend double what you could’ve just bought the darned thing for.

Or see something that looks so amazing on Instagram and wish for enough money to make your house like that too. Ditto. That’s why I love cheap and easy DIY crafts like this wreath.

Or you come home with a pile of supplies and no real ideas. So those supplies just sit in a closet forever, taunting you because you never did anything with them. Yep – been there too.

But not this one my friends! 

You’ll buy the cheap supplies, snip the stems, make the wreath, hang it up, and call it done! No Pinterest Nailed It here!

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