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11 of The Best Mid Century Modern Leather Couches

There is nothing quite like the smell of leather! If you’re looking for a new couch or sofa and have leather in mind, check out this list. I’ve rounded up the best mid century modern leather couches for you today and you’ll love them all!

Mid century modern style is full of texture, angles, graphic design, woods, leather, whites, and lines. There are so many facets to this particular style and the good news is you can adapt it any way you choose. Mid century modern leather couches are an excellent way to start!

Of course, some people choose to avoid leather for personal reasons and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. There are many other ways to incorporate mid century modern style without using leather.

But if leather appeals to you, keep reading.

Mid century modern leather couch in a living room

The Best Mid Century Modern Leather Couches

Whether you are new to leather furniture or a seasoned pro, it’s helpful to keep a few things in mind when shopping for leather sofas.

Leather will develop it’s own patina over time. Scratches, marks, and general wear all lead to that gorgeous well worn, but quality look.

Are Leather Sofas Good for Pets?

If you get genuine leather, the answer is mostly yes. For the most part, leather sofas will be fine with pets. Of course, nothing can withstand constant digging or scratching with sharp claws. So you can decide based on your own pets.

Do you have relatively calm pets that just want to chill with you on the couch or do you have the type that attempts to dig a hole no matter where they are?

And if you make the leap to purchase one of these mid century modern leather sofas, now the question becomes:

How Do I Clean My Leather Sofa?

You can use a few different methods to clean your leather couches:

  • Vinegar mixed with an oil such as linseed oil or lemon oil – you don’t want to use plain vinegar because it can dry out the leather
  • A simple mixture of a mild dish soap mixed with water on a damp cloth
  • A pre-formulated leather cleaner like this one from Leather Honey

While a good sofa is an investment, it’s designed to last for years. These mid century modern leather sofas will be the perfect statement piece! Not only will it be gorgeous for years to come, but it will become your new favorite hang-out spot to enjoy your family or of course, napping!

And if leather isn’t your thing, check out my review of these white sofas – Pottery Barn vs IKEA!

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