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Fun Christmas Printable Ideas

Christmas can get a bit overwhelming at times. Remembering the endless lists, keeping up with money…and on and on. But! Christmas is such a magical time of year. I’m slowly trying to find things to help keep me organized and my first involves these fun Christmas printable ideas. They are simple and a great way to get those ideas together before the big man in red arrives!

Every year, one thing we do with our kids is writing letters to Santa! I’ve got a fun Santa letter template you can use! And what kid doesn’t want to make a wish list? I know I get asked from aunts, grandmas, and others – “what do the kids want for Christmas this year?”

So I decided to get a little craftier than my traditional notebook paper style this year. I can print these out, mail to Santa, or give to Grandma! It all goes by so fast – My kids are getting a little older and I’m trying to hang onto this magic as long as possible! And then there’s the budget. The dreaded budget. Get it together and make a plan – you’ll feel better in January if you can look back at how good you did instead of dreading that credit card bill!

Santa Letter Printable

There are lots of places you can mail this to and actually get a return letter for your child! Check with the local Sheriff’s office – that’s who handles letters from the man in red in our town! Kids are excited to get the mail and what better mail than from Santa himself?

Image graphic of a blank \"Dear Santa Letter\" template on a white background.

And for all those “what do the kids want” questions – here you go! Print these out, give to the kids and they can hand them out to the family!


Printable Christmas wish list template.

And don’t forget to make a budget when planning! It’s so easy to go over what you planned – I’m using this to get my thoughts together before I start clicking “order”!

Christmas Budget Planner

Christmas budget planner template.

Don’t forget all the miscellaneous expenses – not just gifts. Trees, holiday parties, meals, Santa pics….write it all down. Get a realistic idea of what you plan to spend and stick with it! One thing I use that is crazy helpful is an app called Santa’s Bag. It’s currently only available for iPhone devices, but I’m sure there’s something comparable for Android. After I write out my planner, I can enter everything into the app. You can add pics, totals, gifts, stores, whether it’s purchased or not yet, wrapped or not….I used it last year and it was a lifesaver. As soon as I buy something, I enter it into the app. I use the free version right now, so I’m not sure how much better the paid version is, but free was good enough last year.

Grab your free printables here!

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Anything to help stay sane and organized during this crazy time! Pin these Fun Christmas printable ideas for later!

Christmas printables for a letter to Santa, Christmas wish list, and a Christmas budget planner.