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How To Help Kids With Chores – Free Fillable Job Chart

If you’ve been around for a bit, you know I love home decor and budget DIY, but one other thing I’m kind of obsessive about is organizing! One thing we do to stay organized is getting our kids on board with helping around the house.  I’ve tried a few methods over the years and this one seems to work the best. We call them “jobs” instead of “chores”. Sounds better to kids’ ears and makes them think they are part of the workforce. Which they are! They are quite capable of earning a few bucks and helping around the house. Whatever your system is, check out how we keep it organized with this free fillable job chart for kids!

Pinterest graphic with text that reads \"Free Fillable Job Charts for Kids\" and a chore chart in the background.

Job System for Kids

There’s a huge variety of opinions and ideas on getting kids to help around the house. Do you pay them? Should they do it just because they live here? What are they capable of doing? I don’t believe there is a one size fits all when it comes to kids and jobs.  You just have to decide what is best for your family and stick with it.

It may take a few tries and a few variations too. I’ve tried several things over the years and we just keep adjusting it until it works best for us. We have certain jobs that you do just because you live here and others you earn money for.

Why Give Kids a Job

Just for ideas, I’ll share what we do in our house. We have an 11-year-old and a 9-year-old, so obviously what works for us may not work exactly the same for a family with two-year-olds or teenagers. However, over the years, we’ve come to the conclusion that ours are capable of learning about money and saving for their own “wants”. It’s become common knowledge in our house that if they want something, they have to earn money and buy it.

Now, I’m not saying we never buy them a treat or anything. These are just the general guidelines we use in our house. The best part is that there is no more craziness of “will you buy me this?” every single time we go to the store. They’re learning to appreciate the value of hard-earned money also!

Pinterest graphic with text that reads \"Free fillable Job Charts for kids\" and a picture of the printable in the background.

Teach them to Give

Part of our system involves saving a portion of their earnings for giving. They know that when we hand out money (in our case, it’s $5 a week), one of those dollars goes to the giving jar. We collect the giving money over time and then they can choose what cause they want to donate to.  It’s important for them to see that no matter how small or big your earnings, you can always help others.

Then they are left with $4. Two dollars is their savings and two is to spend any way they wish. The savings are used for larger items they may want. If they want a $20 toy or whatever it may be at the moment, it teaches them to save up first, then buy. If you don’t have enough, you can’t buy it. I’m hoping this will teach them a lesson to use for years to come. Especially when they get older and have more expensive wants.

Job Charts

When we first started the “jobs”, we didn’t have a good chart or organizing system to go with it. No one could remember who did what on which night, whose turn it was for this or that, and it was a little frustrating. So, to fix this, I started printing charts I found on Pinterest. There are so many good ones!

However, I want one that fits our needs and is fillable so why not make my own? That way, when we adjust the jobs (which we do every few months), I can easily update our charts. I find that if I rotate the jobs between kids, they don’t get so tired of doing the same old thing.

So here’s a look at my fillable job chart for kids:

[one_half]Pink daily and weekly chore chart template. [/one_half][one_half_last]Blue daily and weekly chore chart template.[/one_half_last]



And man do these charts make life easier! Everyone knows who is responsible for what job. No arguing of “I did that last night” or “I don’t want to do that”. It’s on the chart so it’s yours. I also sit down with them and we discuss who gets what chores for a few months. And in our house, we do a small commission system that they divide by “giving”, “spending”, and “saving”. And I certainly know that this system isn’t for everyone, but it works for our house.

Download your own Fillable Job Chart for Kids!

I’d love to hear your ideas and what works in your house. I’m always open to new suggestions. Especially as my kids get older, I know they will be ready for more responsibilities.  And don’t forget to grab your own fillable job chart for kids!

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