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Modern Living Room Mood Board

Changing styles is exciting. Mixing styles, branching out from your typical style, or even completely evolving from one style to another. Lately, I’ve been leaning more towards a modern style when decorating. One way to see what you like is to make a mood board. I created a modern living room mood board with some affordable pieces to get started.

This modern living room mood board is designed with budget-friendly ideas and plenty of options. And don’t be afraid to mix and match styles. You don’t have to purchase all new stuff to change the look of your home. It can be as detailed as new furnishings, art, rugs, and decor or as simple as switching out one piece of art or buying one statement piece of furniture.

Creating a mood board is simply curating a few ideas of what you like. You can do it in a program like Canva, put together a Pinterest board of ideas, or simply save links and photos.

This is a sponsored post with Americanflat, and in addition, I received a piece of art in exchange for my honest opinions. However, I value integrity and only recommend products I love and would use in my own home.

So let’s get to it – A Modern Living Room Mood Board

First, I need to show you my gorgeous new art that I’m using as my jumping-off piece. I’ve am always drawn to the color green when decorating. And when I was searching for a new piece of art, this one just did it for me.

It’s modern, simple, and it’s available with a black or white frame. I generally use touches of black throughout my decorating so I chose black.

Ideas for Creating a Modern Living Room

For this mood board, I’m focusing on seating, lighting, art, decor, and a rug. See more detailed ideas about Affordable Modern Living Room.

And I realize the term budget-friendly has different meanings for every person. I attempt to choose items that give you the most value for your hard-earned money.

Modern living room mood board

Sofa // Art // Rug // Lamp // Mirror // Side Table // Planter

And here’s my new artwork in my home currently. Unfortunately, we are getting ready to move so I couldn’t hang it on the wall yet. I tried it both ways as well with the arc on each side. I love it and can’t wait to get it to the new house.

Clearly I’m a fan of green in my decorating! And this print is perfect. I like how it balances the more vintage style pieces and gives the room a modern touch.

For more modern art, check out the huge selection at Americanflat.


Image with text: Modern living room mood board