Gardening and Planting

Affordable plants, flowers, and trees that you can add to your landscaping to create a beautiful home.   Easy ideas to improve your green thumb!

The Perfect Garden Vegetables to Grow In Pots

If you’re looking to expand your garden area this year but feel as though there just isn’t enough space to make it happen, it’s time to think outside the box. The term “garden” doesn’t mean that it necessarily has to be in the ground. Adding vegetables to grow in pots for your spring and summer gardening plans can be a great way to grow more healthy food, even when your space is quite limited. 

Full Sun Annuals

Full Sun Annuals for a Beautiful Yard

For areas in your yard that get full sun (meaning 6+ hours a day of sunlight), there is no shortage of gorgeous full sun annuals you can plant. And the best part about these beautiful annual flowers and plants is they are generally inexpensive and widely available. This means you can load up your yard with tons of beautiful color and texture without spending a lot of money.